Small-batch Tequila Founded by Mexican Chef Dafna Mizrahi Becomes First Tequila Brand Created and Made by an All-Women Team


Curamia Tequila, a new, exceptionally smooth tasting Blanco tequila made from all-natural and 100% blue agave, is now available. The brainchild of Dafna Mizrahi, an accomplished chef originally from Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico, Curamia is the culmination of her quest to create the smoothest tasting tequila with a commitment to simplicity, sustainability, authenticity and craftsmanship.

The liquid’s incredibly smooth taste — clean, extra-soft, herbal finishes — is a result of its meticulous distillation process, which prioritizes authenticity and Mexican tradition at its forefront. The Tequila Regulatory Council recognizes its liquid extraction model for its sustainable distillation process by utilizing water for the purest taste — and cleanest possible product. In short, Curamia is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

Curamia is the first tequila brand 100% female-founded and made by women: 95% of the workers at the Leyros distillery, where it is made in Mexico, are women. The Leyros distillery, which focuses on craftsmanship and authenticity is recognized as the top distillery for Tequila making in Mexico. The brand is an homage to Mizrahi’s hometown and the powerful women who shaped her life and career.

Curamia’s ethos is “Queen of Beauty’’ or “La Mujer mas Bella” in Spanish, in honor of Dafna’s grandmother, who was known by that moniker across Jalisco, renowned for her generosity and presence in the region. In celebration of the women who inspired the brand, the brand came to life through the support of its circle of influential female investors, including top C-level executives who believed in Mizrahi’s vision.

“It is with enormous pride that I introduce Curamia Tequila Blanco, a spirit that we’ve been working on with extreme care and refining to elevate the tequila category in the USA. Sipping Curamia for the first time was an unforgettable experience for me because it truly is unlike any other Tequila I’ve tasted. It is a testament to what our brand is all about: Tequila made exceptionally well with authenticity at its core and respect for the Mexican land, its traditions, and the culture. With Curamia, I also pay homage to the female entrepreneurial spirit in a category that men have widely dominated. I hope you join me in the Curamia journey!” said Dafna Mizrahi, founder.

The liquid evokes the taste and smell of harvested agave Piña with the orchard fruits, fresh-cut agave and softened honey-crisp. Curamia enhances the classic margarita and adds a unique spin to the fruit-forward Paloma. Its appearance is transparent with silver hues. The nose features notes of donut peach, tangerine, mango, and grated lime zest with sweet, warm notes of fresh agave, pineapple and pear.

Each bottle of Curamia Tequila is beautifully hand packaged at the brand’s distillery. The stylish, elegant bottle sparks serenity and joy while conveying a sense of warmth and Mexican authenticity. Its slender neck keeps the clear-glass bottle’s shoulders standing tall.

The pop of orange in its logo sparks energy and happiness, symbolizing the creativity and determination required to will the product into existence. The overall hue evokes sunshine and the tropics, while the wooden cap represents authenticity and commitment to sustainability.

Curamia Tequila is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $38.99 for its 750ml bottle (80 proof, 40% ABV). Future plans for the brand include introducing reposado and añejo expressions.



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