Jack Lenor Larsen of LongHouse Reserve Laid To Rest And A Celebration Of His Life


Jack Lenor Larsen was interred at his beloved LongHouse Reserve in a small private ceremony last Saturday night.

His ashes were placed in a shaker box, wrapped in a length of silk, now resting in a spot he chose under a favorite tree by the pond he designed.

His longtime gardeners, Bonifacio Rojas and Josue Rojas, dug his deep grave by hand. 30 friends gathered with his life companion, Peter Olsen. There were four readings: from Helen Drutt a poem, Alexandra Monroe from the Bhagavad Gita, Lys Marigold from the Episcopal Prayerbook. Peter Olsen attempted to read the Auden poem, Funeral Blues, but was too moved to continue past the first stanza.

It was finished by his sister. The guests placed dark red rhododendrons blossoms on the grave. It was a deeply poignant ceremony

The next day more than 300 friends and admirers came to Longhouses for a celebration of Jack’s life hosted by Peter and the Trustees of Longhouse. Dianne Benson, the chairman of their board spoke eloquently.

“Everyone standing here on this hallowed ground loved Jack and that truly is the essence of LongHouse. It is wonderful to be among so many like-minded people on this beautiful day and a part of a living breathing organization that was the brainchild of one inimitable man with a vision so strong and so magnetic that he gathered around him people like us. It is our devotion to the man and our appreciation for what he has left us that will drive LongHouse into a vibrant future.”



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