Inside’s Pamella Roland Fall/Winter 2024 NYFW Collection

For the Fall/Winter 2024 season, Pamella Roland’s collection is inspired by Pamella’s recent trip to Belgium, which invited guests were able to see on Monday, February 12th. The collection blends the country’s historical charm with modern elegance through a refined color palette, stunning silhouettes, and intricate embroideries.

The color palette draws from Belgium’s enchanting hues, featuring bronze tones, shades of red, wine, luxurious gold, and chocolate brown. Touches of sunset and soft pastels such as an ice blue, blush, ivory, and light nude tones are included as well. Silhouettes are a nod to Brussels’ architectural marvels, with gowns boasting structured lines, and draping inspired by the city’s intricate buildings.

“When people leave today’s show — I hope that they will get a sense of romance, from the colors, silhouettes, and softness,” says Roland.

The collection’s details showcase a fusion of old-world sophistication and contemporary allure. Each gown is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of Brussels’ timeless beauty and offering a captivating blend of tradition and modernity for the discerning eveningwear connoisseur. Velvet, sequins, and jacquard fabrics provide a luxurious texture, reflecting the plush ambiance of Brussels’ historic interiors.

Pamella Roland’s signature embroideries reflect the city’s intricate architecture and classic romance, interpreted through the house’s iconic aesthetic. Embroidery details include linear mixed elements, draped pearl fringe, 3D organza flowers, and gold-outlined cut feather roses.

Standouts include a red Mikado cutout mermaid gown with a 3D handmade poppy flower capelet, a cashmere cape embroidered with the Belgium skyline, and a pearl baroque embroidered wedding gown with pearl fringe and tulle.



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