Inside The PH5 FW18 “Fashion Matriarchy” Presentation

The F/W18 collection highlights the matriarchal system. PH5 was conceptualized to support and connect women across the globe. A marriage of art and science, PH5finds the importance of balance in feminine androgyny with designs created in high tech textiles.

Artistically inspired by Natalie du Pasquier and Barbara Radice, who brought forth the art deco movement of The Memphis Group, the F/W18 designs play with asymmetry, architectural shapes, and Post-modern expressive color. Leading into a collaboration with Girls Who Code, half of the models cast this season are real women, including two young women from the GWC program.

Others include Nowell Boardman, pediatric NICU nurse at Georgetown Hospital, Kahlana Barfield-Brown, of InStyle Magazine, sculptor Dina Satti, the Metropolitan Museum’s own social media master — Kimberly Drew and De’Ara Balenger of the Hillary Clinton campaign.



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