In The City: World’s First Artist Robot Comes to the US for the First Time with Baz Luhrmann

Last night in NYC, Bombay Sapphire, in collaboration with renowned film director Baz Luhrmann and the world’s first ultra realistic robot artist Ai-Da hosted the launch of what is set to be the largest mass-participated AI art event, the Saw This, Made This Installation, at the Chelsea Factory.

The installation celebrated thousands of submissions shared via social media, following Luhrmann’s #SawThisMadeThis creative call out last year, inviting people to see the world as a gallery of creative inspiration and share on social media what they ‘saw’ and consequently ‘made’.

The AI art gallery turned gin cocktail bar pop-up in the heart of Chelsea buzzed as an illustrious mix of cultural tastemakers, celebrities, musicians and industry innovators like Sophie Collé, Nneka Julia, Roze Traore, and Fabritzio Villalpando mingled and toasted with artfully crafted Bombay Sapphire cocktails inspired by Baz Luhrmann and the start of the new season the ‘Iona Martini,’ ‘Sunrise and Tonic,’ and ‘Petal Collins.’

Baz Luhrmann turned on his signature charm with Ai-Da, flirting and lightly teasing the robot with sweet nothings, such as praising her that she was so much more than just another AI.

Spoiler alert… she didn’t get it. The intimate eye contact and one-sided banter continued throughout the chat, so much so that some audience members quipped that it was a good thing that his wife and renowned costume designer Catherine Martin wasn’t there!

Ai-Da didn’t hold anything back when asked about Baz’s venerable film canon. When queried about whether she was familiar with his 2022 hit Elvis, she spouted off about his 1996 cult film Romeo & Juliet instead, slyly keeping her true feelings to herself on his most recent work. Baz kindly gave her a ‘hall pass’ and a wink.



The New York Exclusive by Columnist, Tony Bowles

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