Give Dad What He Really Wants This Father’s Day & More

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st, and fathers everywhere deserve to have a great weekend — considering the current state of our country. While many things can be overwhelming, confusing and upsetting, we want to make sure that your dad can have a weekend full of love and positivity.

Below, all our suggestions for home-run dad gifts, including things that may not be dad-specific but would be highly appreciated, from fun ideas to the world’s best knives set. We’ll continue to update this page as we get closer to June 21st.

Small, Random and Personal

Nixplay Smart Photo Frames

A Father’s Day gift should be personalized and memorable. With Nixplay’s new Smart Photo Frame available on Amazon, you can send dad photos in HD / Full-HD / 2K using the Nixplay app, Google Photos, Instagram or Facebook. It’s wall-mountable and detachable cord allows dad to place the frame anywhere in their home, which will delight him with new photos popping up all the time.

Personalizable M&M’S Best Dad Ever Gift Jar

You know your dad is the best. Now, make sure he knows that by giving him his very own M&M’S “Best. Dad. Ever.” gift jar for Father’s Day! This gift jar comes filled with all his favorite M&M’S candies, personally selected by you.

Cocktail of the Month Box

For Summer 2020, Shots Box launched their Customizable Sample Box and Cocktail of the Month Box across their updated online platform. These are perfect gift for Father’s Day!


A GOLDEN STATE is the highest-quality cannabis flower in California. What truly makes A Golden State flower so unique is how it is harvested: grown from the melted snow from Northern California’s potentially-active Mt. Shasta volcano, the natural soil is derived from coconut hulls, yielding premium, truly organic flower.

Some popular strains include:

  • Sunbeam (Sativa): Full-bodied terpene profile, citrus aroma and dense purple hues. This smooth strain delivers a balanced and uplifting buzz.
  • Lava Flower (Sativa): Energetic sativa strain with diesel and blueberry aromas. Heavy-hitting and fast-acting with an invigorating cerebral buzz.
  • Night Sky (Indica): Heavy and psychoactive flower for experienced smokers seeking a bold, daydream high. Rounded buds and piney notes.
  • Caramel Apple (Hybrid): This goldenrod-colored bud has fruit notes of cherry and grape, with a coffee finish. Fast-acting, with heady highs and a relaxing body feel
  • Palo Cedro (Hybrid): Striking sage green flower with purple crystals and a dense structure. Grape aromas and a cerebral high to start the day.

A GOLDEN STATE retails for $70-$80 an eighth at various dispensaries throughout California, including MedMen, which remain open.

AromaOm Diffuser

For the dad who loves to make his space smell warm and welcoming. Help dad infuse his air with the vitality of nature, enhance his well being and create a soothing atmosphere by bringing the power of 100% natural.

Men’s Best Dad Scuff Slipper

Show Dad how much you appreciate those cheesy jokes with these extra-comfy scuffs! Charming embroidered details tell the world what you already know, while a pair of cushioned memory foam insoles and indoor/outdoor outsoles promise all-day support.

Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soak

Dr Teal’s® Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak combines Pure Epsom Salt with mineral rich Pink Himalayan Salt to revitalize tired, achy muscles and help replenish your body’s minerals. Uplifting Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils soothe the senses and help provide relief from stress.

Bokek Dead Sea Salts Gift Set by SaltWorks

This trio of fragrant, mineral-rich salts offers a luxurious bath time experience leaving you with a refreshed body and mind. A relaxing retreat, the calming scent of lavender, citrus or eucalyptus will whisk you away while mineral-rich Dead Sea salt soothes your skin.

Produced with the natural white crystals of Bokek harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, this unique source yields a distinctly different bath salt with rich mineral composition that detoxifies and exfoliates skin. To restore and refresh, simply add 1–2 cups of Bokek Dead Sea Bath salt to a tub full of warm, comfortable water. Soak and relax.


Bimble is a great tasting, all natural, preservative-free, sparkling beverage, containing 25mg of THC-free, broad spectrum hemp extract. A great way to make sure dad is feeling relaxed, Bimble definitely helps ease the added stress and pressures that we are all dealing with right now, especially all the dads out there!

Additionally, at 25mg of hemp extract per serving, Bimble contains more cannabinoids than many other drinks on the market so you actually feel a difference and contains CBN, considered the most relaxing cannabinoid — enter “therapy in a bottle.”

CBD + Manuka Cream

At this point, you know the drill: It’s important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. But the more you wash, the more dry and cracked your hands become. Medterra’s CBD + Manuka Cream is formulated with powerful Manuka honey and 125mg or 250mg of CBD, sure to hydrate and protect skin all day long.

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer is a prestige men’s grooming brand dedicated to helping men live better lives through quality skin care designed by men, for men. Polished began when two friends, renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer and long-time patient, creative entrepreneur and popular TV/radio and host and producer Ryan Seacrest decided to bring to market a high-quality men’s skincare product line, that delivered both results and value.

Pocket Farmacy Oil Blend Convenience Kit

The Pocket Farmacy is a unique, wellness-boosting gift for Dad that he’ll surely appreciate. Saje Natural Wellness formulates all of their blends using only natural ingredients that boost your wellness. The kit is a natural farmacy that includes five of Saje’s most loved-roll on remedies that help ease your head, pain, cough, stomach and stress.

Delivery of Coolhaus Ice Cream

Coolhaus is the leading women founded and led ice cream brand creating premium cookie sandwiches and pints. Each treat is thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and creamiest texture. Send Dad a delivery of ice cream to sweeten his day! Coolhaus just launched Multi-Serve Ice Cream Sandwich Packs and Single Serve Ice Cream Cups!

One Potato

Dad’s love a gift of value that helps them get through a busy and hectic day and One Potato is perfect for the Dad that might be a little intimidated by the kitchen but wants to still help out. One Potato is an organic, easy and affordable family focused meal kit delivery service.

The co-founder, Catherine McCord, is a mom so she’s created this meal kit to be easy and kid friendly which means it’s not only a great gift for dad but also a fun activity he can do with the kids. Whether he’s a first time dad in desperate need for a good meal without a ton of work, a health conscious dad that wants to share his healthy eating habits to the kids or a great cook that wants to pass on his skills to the kids, One Potato is the perfect option!

One Potato boxes start at $59.79 and average $12.95 per serving.

Cleo + Coco

The charcoal face & body bar can also work as an Underarm Detox! This all natural sls-free cleansing bar will leave your face and entire body silky smooth, clean and fresh. Activated charcoal and lavender gently draw out impurities without drying your skin. Shea and honey softens and nurtures your body from head to toe. Good for all skin types from young to mature, dry skin as well as acne and eczema.

Green Miracle

Packed with organic ingredients and certified gluten-free, Green Miracle boosts the immune system and nourishes the body through high-powered antioxidant and phytonutrient ingredients like barley, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, matcha powder, chicory root, cordyceps, açai, and much more. With a unique blend of enzymes and organic fruit and vegetable blends, Green Miracle does way more than your typical green drink from the gym or juicer! The light vanilla flavor blends well with virtually any liquid!

Craft Bitters 5-Flavor Bar Set

Perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad’s that love bitters! Five unique small-batch flavors in one set. Each formula produced with a particular spirit in mind, these flavors are delicious, versatile and crafted for both the professional bartender and the hobbyist. (Each set includes five 1.7oz bottles of Smoked Chili, Citrus, Aromatic, Orange, Ginger). Available on Amazon and Hella Cocktail Co.


You need a haircut, bad. But you also need to stay home to stay safe. Introducing QUARANCUTS VIRTUAL HAIR SCHOOL.

It’s a complimentary one-on-one video session with Xavier Cruz, master stylist and headmaster of Quarancuts. He will walk you and/or your quarantine partner through whatever trim, cut or buzz. So grab some scissors and your mom, dad, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandmother, roommate and let’s do this.


GrapeStars, an online marketplace for celebrity wine & spirits, is the perfect place to go when shopping for Dad. GrapeStars ships directly to your door and features wine and spirits brands from celebrities including: Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Kate De Castillo, John Legend, 50 Cent and many more. Through the app, gift givers can discover previously unknown products from celebrities, read up on the latest industry news from the brand’s blogs, or browse exclusive celeb content and news. GrapeStars is available for every iOS or Android device

Father’s Day Grand Chocolate Gift Box

There is no better way to celebrate your Dad than heading to the MarieBelle, getting dad the Father’s Day Grand Chocolate Gift Box and having it delivered anywhere in Manhattan. You also have the ability to customize a confection to one’s own specifications which is what sets MarieBelle New York apart. There is nothing Dad will appreciate more than having his name and a short message inscribed on a chocolate-when he might not be up for meeting in public.

Daily Crunch Snacks

The unique sprouting method followed by dehydration gives the nuts a unique crunch without losing any of the health benefits. Daily Crunch currently offers three product varieties: Just Sprouted Almonds, Coffee-Soaked, and a Nut-Berry Medley.

Sprouting is a process of soaking the nuts, which results in easier digestion due to a decrease in phytic acid, while keeping the nuts’ nutritional value. In addition, Daily Crunch Snacks is a proud supporter of the non-profit organization, The Support Network (TSN). TSN helps to address and promote student mental health and well-being through the implementation, development, and collaboration of peer support initiatives in colleges and high schools.

6-pint Father’s Day Collection from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Thoughtfully curated just for dad. Flavors include Boston Cream Pie, Brambleberry Crisp, Coffee with Cream & Sugar, Lemon & Blueberries Parfait, Salty Caramel and Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks.

Buzz Bundle

This Queen Bee buzz bundle is just what Dad needs to take a deep breath, be still and unwind. This bundle is loaded with self love, lavender, and wellness. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain. We personally love it to help promote a beautiful sleep naturally.

The bundle includes: lavender sleepy time lotion in a 4 oz glass amber bottle to preserve goodness, trail mix bath Epsom salt infused with Manuka honey, lotus oil and lavender essential oil, garnished with dried lavender roses and calendula. Great for a good soak or room relaxer. Bee garden seed mix, Lavender and Manuka honey vegetable soap and more!

Raw Generation Protein Cleanse

Fuel up and slim down with Raw Generation’s plant-based protein smoothies. With antioxidant-rich superfoods, healthy fats, and pure plant protein, this smoothie variety pack is a clean source of energy for your mind and muscles. Support your active lifestyle, satisfy your appetite and your sweet tooth without the guilt. These protein smoothies are vegan, naturally sweetened with dates, soy-free, and dairy-free.

The Gentlemen’s Chi Set

For dads who want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness and elasticity, and care for their overall health, this 10-piece set has you covered.

Housed in an eco-friendly toiletry bag, this set has all the necessities for the Chi-conscious gentleman.

Essentials Just For Him

Man Crates’ Grill Master Crate

Man Crates’ Grill Master Crate is the ultimate gift set for the father who loves to spend their time in the backyard grilling up steaks, hamburgers, or whatever their hearts desire. With a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer, cast iron smoker box, steak thermometers, hickory wood chips, and an array of BBQ sauces and spices, your grilling skills will have even your neighbors jealous.

Chefman Grind & Brew Coffee Maker

The Chefman Grind and Brew Coffee Maker instantly grinds beans and brews fresh coffee in minutes! This unit grinds fresh beans or accepts pre-ground coffee for the freshest cup of joe. This unit also features a permanent coffee filter and one button operation. Yields up to 4 cups of fresh coffee. Available on Amazon


For the working dad: the ultimate WFH desk shelf system by Grovemade. If mom wants ultimate organization, style and intention in her workspace, the full desk system is the way to go. It’ll give him complete control of clutter and a dedicated home for all of the tools he needs to work.

iRobot’s Roomba s9+

The iRobot’s Roomba s9+ ($1,099) robot vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal is the world’s best robot vacuum empties on its own with the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal that holds dirt, dust and hair while the anti-allergen system with AllergenLock™ Bags captures and traps 99% of pollen and mold allergens.

Braava jet m6

Give dad the brand new Braava jet m6 ($499)! Ideal for multiple rooms and large spaces, the Braava jet m6 helps tackle all of life’s messes on hard floors. Simply attach a mopping or sweeping pad and the robot automatically takes it from there to give you fresh, clean floors.

iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology and Imprint Smart Mapping to get to know the home’s floor plan, giving users total control to choose which rooms are cleaned and when.

Features Maximized-Edge design to help the robot get into corners and along edges.

Tackles sticky messes, grime and kitchen grease with Wet Mopping mode; and captures dirt, dust and pet hair using electrostatic force in the Dry Sweeping mode.

Tineco’s A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco’s A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed to make deep cleaning easier. Its ultra-quiet motor has a max suction that is 4 times stronger than ordinary DC motor cordless vacuum cleaners, and works great on both carpets and hard wood floors. Even better, the A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum is lightweight and easily converts to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to reach corners, stairs and crevices. Available on Amazon

All Season Comfort Control Tower Fan & Heater

Enjoy year-round comfort with Lasko’s hybrid tower fan/heater. This unit features a high-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery with a small footprint, so it won’t take up much space. Create gentle breezes with 4 quiet fan speeds (high, medium, low, and super low), bask in soothing warmth with 3 heat settings (high, medium, and low), plus one heater/fan combination mode which simultaneously activates high heat and super low fan.

HUROM H-AA Matte Black Slow Juicer

Meet all of your juicing needs in style with the H-AA Slow Juicer. The H-AA can create juices, milk, tofu, and more, as well as healthy ice cream straight from the chamber! Surprise dad with this gift and throw in a green juice in for him to enjoy!

SMEG Espresso Coffee Machine

Inspired by Italy’s passion for espresso, the SMEG espresso maker delivers authentic espresso in iconic Italian style. Taking up little space on your counter, this slim machine brews a rich shot of espresso and steams milk for making a velvety cappuccino.

· Manual espresso machine brews single or double espresso.

· Adjustable cappuccino system with frother prepares thick milk foam for making cappuccinos and caffè lattes.

· Easy controls with three backlit buttons that select your drink and adjust preferred settings.

· Removable stainless-steel cup tray accommodates tall glasses or mugs.

· Works with ground coffee and paper pods.

· Includes three filters (1 cup, 2 cups, paper pods) and a measuring scoop/tamper.

· Thermoblock heating system for fast heat-up.

· Auto shut-off for energy savings.

· Flow-stop function to customize your coffee length.


The LifeFuels three-part hydration system (SRP: $179) entails a sleek Bottle, flavorful and nutrition packed FuelPods, and an app that tracks both hydration and nutrition. Whether the guy in your life is at the gym, hiking through the mountains or camping out in the wilderness, the LifeFuels bottle is the perfect device to keep hydrated throughout each activity.

McCormick Grill Mates

Ahead of this Father’s Day and summer grilling season, the new Grill Mates Regional Seasoning Blends make it easy to enjoy authentic, regional variations of iconic American BBQ flavors, from the sweet, tangy sauces of the South to the spicy, tomato-based versions of the Lone Star State.

Additionally, you can introduce dad to as it’s the go-to grilling resource for how-to videos and photos for mastering a new technique (like grilling a whole fish), tips for getting the right heat level, crave-worthy flavor pairings for all types of meats, seafood and veggies, plus lots of additional inspiration and recipes.

Üllo Wine Purifier

The Üllo Wine Purifier is a revolutionary sleek and compact filter for red and white wine drinkers that acts as both a sulfite filter and aerator. Sulfites are added by winemakers as a preservative, so the wine purifier pulls these sulfites (those niggly things known to cause negative effects for some), so you can enjoy the natural flavor of wine without the bitter taste that is often associated with sulfites.

It’s just as if you were enjoying a bottle fresh from the vineyard! Whether you suffer from a sulfite sensitivity or you’re just looking for a smoother and more natural taste, Üllo is the perfect gift for dad.

Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set comes with 3 boards for all kitchen tasks! The set includes a small board on a trip, a medium-sized one for small chopping tasks, and the large-sized board for entertaining meal prep. Royal Craft Wood Cutting Boards have deep grooves that catch meat and fruit juices so your workspace will be clean and well-organized even during the busiest cooking moments. Not to mention, the cutting board is made of sturdy natural wood, with no chemicals or BPA, which also doesn’t dull your knives and feels easy to cut on!

PS-LX310BT Wireless Turntable

Combine the classic experience of vinyl and modern wireless connectivity. Easily play vinyl favorites and new record store finds to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, receivers and more. The PS-LX310BT is available for $199.99.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra is the most powerful and feature-packed player in the Roku line-up. Some of the highlights include:

  • An enhanced voice remote with personal shortcut buttons allowing users to quickly access their favorite movies and TV shows by just talking to the remote
  • Top of the line picture and performance (HD, 4K and HDR streaming)
  • Premium JBL headphones (valued at $39.95) that can be plugged into the remote, allowing users to watch content in peace without disrupting their partners (it’s also great for parents to give to kids — no more listening to annoying cartoons!)

Motorola Tech3 True Wireless Headphones

Motorola’s Tech3 with TriX’s technology offers a groundbreaking solution that provides flexibility and freedom whether dad is taking a walk (while socially distancing), TriX adapts to your needs every step of the way.

Mellanni 1800 Collection Extra Deep Fitted Sheet Set

The Mellanni 1800 Collection Extra Deep Fitted Sheet Set, the brand’s flagship product, is the #1 selling sheet set on Amazon, Amazon’s Choice and holds the coveted Amazon Best Seller Badge with over 93,000 reviews (53,000 5-star reviews!) and a four and a half out of five star rating. Made with thick beds in mind, these sheets fit 17” — 21” mattresses. Just like Mellanni’s 1800 Collection Sheet Set, the #1 selling sheet set on Amazon, these too are made of Brushed Microfiber (100% polyester) that is light, soft, and highly durable, while also easy to care, fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant. The set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. (Available on Amazon)

PlushBeds Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Give dad a refreshing night’s sleep with a Cool Bliss Gel memory foam mattress topper. PlushBeds Cool Bliss gel memory foam is 30% cooler than traditional memory foam. It’s the perfect gift to keep dad cool and comfy this Father’s Day. When PlushBeds’ Cool Bliss gel memory foam is compressed, the gel beads coalesce, resulting in a smooth shift from viscoelastic properties to pressure-relieving gel properties, offering a luxurious Variable Support Factor. Greater compression brings greater support and the result is superior comfort.

BIC’s Us Shaving Kit

This is an ideal gift to help dad look his best all year round:

· High-performance premium unisex razor, one handle, two cartridges, perfect for mom’s looking to get in on the gift!

· Razor features 5 flexible blades to provide a superior shave on both fine and coarse hair

· Offers a comfortable, smooth shave every time thanks to the lubrication strip infused with aloe and Vitamin E

· Never get nicks or cuts thanks to the razor’s textured grip and edging blade for precision and control in hard-to-reach areas

· Easy on your wallet and available online at Dollar General and

Duluth’s Men’s Dang Soft Boxer Briefs

Underwear that’s cirrus’ly soft? You bet! Duluth’s new Dang Soft™ Boxer Briefs are made with Micromodal® fabric so light and silky-smooth, all you’ll feel is sky-high comfort. A dash of spandex adds flexible freedom and bounce-back-ability that won’t leave you flying low after a long day. Wicking and anti-stink? Of course. Plus chafe-proof flatlock stitching and strategically placed vented panels so you can feel the jet stream while you’re on Cloud Nine.

Splurge Like There’s No Tomorrow


Stryde is an immersive cycling experience offering a new at-home bike and app and is an ideal Father’s Day gift for staying active while staying indoors.

Stryde is a cutting edge at-home fitness medium that provides access to cycling classes from the best independent fitness studios in the comfort of home. Through mid-July, will be donating 100% of their app revenue to support their professional fitness partners adversely impacted by COVID-19.

The perfect budget-conscious or splurge gift, a Stryde bike is $1,550 and is one of the lowest-priced stationary smart bikes and the Stryde app can be used with or without a Stryde bike and a subscription fee is only $29.99 per month. With the app alone, riders can take their favorite classes on any stationary bike and enjoy expert fitness instruction.

EcoReco L5+

Newly released EcoReco L5+ is a big sized, performance scooter with 8" Polyurethane (PU) filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, and a highly efficient motor. It’s equipped with 2 exposed aggressive rear suspensions to offer an unmatched comfort and stability. It is designed with a rougher style for a bigger rider and to handle bumpier road conditions.


The newest launch from Helix:, a modular sofa brand offering fully customizable couches and sectionals that are handcrafted in the U.S., shipped in a box and delivered in as little as four days. In addition, to help aid local businesses affected by COVID-19, Allform has launched its LAZY FOR GOOD initiative, offering a $100 food delivery gift card with every purchase, along with 20% off all products.

Ao Yun 2015

For the dad who enjoys the finer things in life, give the gift of Ao Yun, the first wine estate in China’s Yunnan province, on the foothills of the Himalayas. The multi-layered and complex 2015 vintage combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc blend for the estate’s most extraordinary vintage yet, with notes of sandalwood, Dhofar incense, and crushed strawberries. Ao Yun has partnered with renowned crystal maker Riedel to design an exclusive wine glass, offering the best optimum tasting experience. The 2015 Ao Yun is available for retail purchase via ReserveBar for $300.


Just in time for Father’s Day, LOUIS XIII Cognac is relaunching a limited-edition release of their world famous LOUIS XIII Black Pearl in a new size: LOUIS XIII Black Pearl AHD. Part of the exclusive Black Pearl Collection, the unprecedented 350 ml crystal decanter contains a rare blend of LOUIS XIII Cognac, drawn from a single tiercon hidden in the family reserve inside the Andre Heriard Dubreuil cellar.

In a numbered and exclusive amount of only 1498, the bespoke Baccarat decanter comes in Black Pearl’s iconic limited-edition steel color and is truly an exquisite work of art, retailing for $13,000 USD. The news is particularly exciting as this will be the first time that a decanter part of the Black Pearl Collection will be available for purchase since 2014.

De Ville Prestige

The De Ville Prestige collection now offers a brand-new dial design. The dial design is a unique grained pattern that comes in silvery or black with hour-markers in a range of easily readable colors, including gold-plated or greyed for the silvery dials, or rhodium-plated for the black dials.

Sized at 39.50 mm, the watch is now available in various metals on and at OMEGA boutiques starting at 3,200 CHF — 6,500 CHF.

ASSOULINE’S ‘The Impossible Collection of Cigars’

In the highly anticipated new volume of Assouline’s bestselling Ultimate Collection which launches June 1st, this book envisions the ultimate humidor brimming with the most remarkable cigars of the 20th and 21stcenturies from the most prestigious makers. ‘The Impossible Collection of Cigars’ is a bid for readers to journey to the fabled Cuban tobacco farms, get up close and personal with the torcedores (master cigar rollers) as they discover the world’s most commendable and coveted cigars.

This hand-bound, oversized luxury edition, featuring hand-tipped and authentic cigar bands and presented in a traditional dress trade cigar box is a must-have for the collection of any sincere cigar aficionado. The book is available for purchase on and will retail for $995 USD.


It’s the perfect time to plan a refreshing family vacation by the beautiful beaches, just one mile from the Inn. Plus they’re within walking distance of Main Street and Jobs Lane, shopping and wonderful arts and cultural experiences. Also, checkout the all new summer menu from the Inn’s own restaurant, Claude’s for a meal that dad won’t be able to forget.

Share A Drink With Him

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2002 P2

Dom Pérignon is unveiling a very special vintage, Dom Pérignon P2, also known as “second plenitude” — launching just in time for Father’s Day. This exclusive vintage celebrates the way in which Dom Pérignon vintages evolve — not in a steady, linear way, but rather in through successive windows of expression throughout the maturation of the wine, making it a very fitting gift for father’s this year.

While each initial release of Dom Pérignon celebrates the harmony that the Chef de Caves finds and curates from a vintage, P2 is the wine at the peak of its energy. With outstanding maturity, reminiscent of that seen in 1982 and 1990, the complexity of the vintage is warm with striking flavors of sweet spices, fresh coriander, saffron and crystallized fruits that evolve into a darker, deeper bouquet that is more reserved and serene.

Veuve Clicquot

No matter what your Father’s Day celebrations entail at-home, Veuve Clicquot is sure to be the perfect offering for celebrating the bold “man of the house” in your life. Available for delivery on, Veuve Clicquot celebrates the everyday joys of all that fathers do.

Chandon Rosé

The Signature Sparkling Rosé is made in the traditional method. Dry and elegant, the blend is comprised primarily of Chardonnay with a kiss of Pinot Noir to give it a gorgeously pink hue. This wine offers ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon, and raspberry notes with a creamy texture and long, fresh finish. Wonderfully versatile, it pairs exceptionally well with a Dutch baby with fresh strawberries or an asparagus and gruyere tart for an easily executed but seriously impressive brunch.

Chandon Étoile Rosé

For an elevated celebration, Étoile rosé offers a hint of the fruit-forward quality of a red wine married with the delicate structure of a white wine. Fresh aromas of black currant, raspberry, strawberry, dried flowers and gingerbread are layered with subtle flavors of peach, nectarine and grapefruit bringing out the balance and freshness.

The round and creamy texture, combined with the brightness and vibrancy, provides a long finish. Étoile Rosé balances wonderfully with warm scones, clotted cream and fresh strawberries, as well as smoked salmon eggs Benedict for a decadently delicious brunch.

Tussock Jumper 2017 Organic Malbec

Hand harvested and grown using sustainable farming practices, this rich red wine from South American has flavors of chocolate, dark berries, mocha spice, medium tannins, and a silky finish. Smooth and lush, it’s the ideal wine for pairing with hearty beef dishes like chateaubriand, roasted vegetables, and dark chocolate walnut pie.

Tussock Jumper Moscato Rosé, Spain

For the Millennial dad, this pretty in pink bottle of Moscato Rosé by Tussock Jumper is as if rosé and moscato had a baby. The result is a varietal blend featuring notes of creamy citrus and red berries, with bubbly mouthwatering sweetness on the finish.

2019 Jackson Estate Panorama Vineyard Rosé

Made from 100% Pinot Noir from Arroyo Seco in California’s Monterey County, this wine was stainless steel tank fermented and features aromas of watermelon, apricot and orange blossom with bright minerality and flavors of pink grapefruit, wild strawberries and white floral notes.

Kim Crawford Rosé

Soft and luscious, this refreshing Rosé is richly fruited with hints of watermelon and strawberry. Ideal as an apéritif or summer sipper, this easy-drinking wine also pairs perfectly with lighter salads and other fare.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Cans

The very same varietal that made Kim Crawford a household name with their #1 best-selling Sauvignon Blanc is now available Canned! The just debuted Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Cans feature the same great refreshing taste and tropical aromas known and loved by many, but in the convenience of a single serving can. Ideal for on-the-go imbibing, whether that be at the park, beach or your rooftop, Kim Crawford Cans are adorably packaged in a cute slim can duo pack.

Barefoot On Tap

Keep dad stocked up with wine that holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine and stays fresh up to 30 days after opening. This blend features a simple silky combination of black cherry, lush blueberry notes, with layers of vanilla.

The Prisoner Wine Company The Prisoner 2018

This red blend features enticing aromas of Bing cherry, dark chocolate, and roasted fig and is perfect for those seeking a smooth and luscious finish.

14 Hands Hot to Trot Smooth Red Blend (also comes in cans!)

Flavors of cherry pie, ripe berries and plums, supported by a frame of refined tannins, give way to subtle notes of baking spice on a persistent finish. Perfect to crack open a can on the back porch and sip on while spending some quality time with the father figure in your life.

Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay

A wine that stops at nothing to secure the very best chardonnay fruit we can lay our hands on. A wine with great finesse, elegance and longevity (if you can withhold from drinking it).An initial detection of peach and nectarine from the white stone fruit spectrum but the real feature of the palate is its poise and perfectly pitched (grippy) acidity. This Chardonnay is the perfect wine to enjoy with your dad on Father’s Day.

Beaulieu Vineyard 2017 Carneros Chardonnay Napa Valley

This wine offers aromas of lemon meringue, citrus blossom, spiced Asian Pear and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, there are layers of creamy lemon curd, candied lemon peel, crisp red apple, sweet almond with a kiss of spice.

BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez

For the spirits connoisseur and budding at-home bartender Dad, we recommend BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez.

A master blender’s reserve, BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez is barrel-aged for a minimum of ten years. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, this libation has a dark golden hue that boasts bright notes of banana, pear and tropical melon, that is balanced with caramelized vanilla and oak, resulting in a premium rum with complex flavors your Dad is sure to enjoy.

BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez is available at


For the fancy Dad, gift FACUNDO EXIMO from the FACUNDO Rum Collection — an ultra-premium sipping rum to show your Dad just how special he is to you this Father’s Day.

A masterfully crafted rum, FACUNDO EXIMO is a blend of medium to heavy-bodied dark rums aged between 10 and 12 years in fine oak barrels. The perfect libation for the gentlemanly Dad to enjoy as a nightcap, FACUNDO EXIMO is the only marque of the Collection to be blended before aging. FACUNDO EXIMO the perfect top shelf addition to Dad’s home bar.

FACUNDO EXIMO is one of four expressions in the ultra-premium FACUNDO Rum Collection — the first luxury collection of the most exquisite, extraordinary hand-blended sipping rums sourced from the Bacardi family’s private reserves.

FACUNDO EXIMO is available at

Solera Aged Bourbon

Maybe your dad enjoys a nice whiskey on the rocks (we’re not judging), but allow us to introduce you to Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon, which is the first American whiskey to be aged in the centuries-old Solera method used traditionally to create exceptional Sherries, Ports, Madeiras, and Cognacs. Recognized internationally, the award winning whiskey is finished in 20 year old Oloroso Sherry casks which give the Bourbon floral notes layered with fig, roasted walnuts, candied fruit and spicy rye.

Solera aging involves a pyramid of barrels where a small portion of whiskey is removed periodically from the lowest tier of barrels and an equal measure of new whiskey is added to the top barrels. No barrel in the Solera is ever emptied, and over time, the older whiskey in the Solera mingles with younger whiskies to create unmatched depth and complexity.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

It’s five o’clock somewhere but to be honest Dad doesn’t care, so skip out on that watch and celebrate Father’s Day with a sip of something sweet. Maker’s Mark is made with soft red winter wheat, instead of the usual rye, for a one-of-a-kind, full-flavored bourbon that’s perfect for sipping on its own.

Chivas Regal

The Chivas Regal 12 is a smooth, rich and generous blended Scotch whisky, perfect for a father who is looking to start their Scotch whisky journey. Chivas 12 blends the finest malt and grain whiskies — each of which has been matured for at least 12 years — to deliver luxurious honey, vanilla and ripe apple notes.

Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select №001

Created by Bulleit Blender Eboni Major, Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select №001 is the newest whiskey from Bulleit Distilling Co. and just won Gold at the prestigious 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This unique blend features the thoughtful mingling of three out of the 10 whiskey types used to make the original Bulleit Bourbon, and boasts distinct notes of vanilla bean, honey, dried fruit and toasted oak, with a lingering sweet cream and fruit wine decadence for a smooth finish. This whiskey is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned.

The Glenlivet Spectra

The third in its Mystery Whisky Series that encourages consumers to guess the tasting notes of indescript expressions

Barefoot’s Canned Spritzers

Barefoot’s Canned Spritzers are easy to pack and great for any on-the-go Spring activity like a family picnic in the park. The portable 8.4 ounce cans come in five flavors, Summer Red, Crisp White, Moscato, Red Sangria and Rosé, and are sold in 4-packs for under $10. This alternative to bottled wine offers wine lovers a convenient and refreshing way to enjoy Barefoot anytime and anywhere.

Krug Grande Cuvée 168th Edition

The archetype of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship and savoir-faire, Krug Grande Cuvée is recreated every year from a blend of around 198 wines from ten or more different vintages and three grape varietals.

Mod Selection Champagne

Splurge on dad this Father’s Day with Champagne from Mod Sélection, the purest expression of balance and terroir produced in Champagne today. Backed by Drake and Spirits Industry Mogul Brent Hocking, this champagne is sure to be a hit among the entire family.

Meiomi Pinot Noir

Meiomi’s vineyards can be found in California’s preeminent coastal wine regions, which have proven ideal for producing world-class Pinot Noir perfect for dad this year. Meiomi creates richly layered wines of bold character and exceptional balance.

Rabbit Hole’s Rye Whiskey

There is a boldness to this 95% Rye Whiskey. Kentucky distilled and aged, with a brown sugar nose and spice that jumps on the tongue. Great with a splash of water, but breathtaking in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned. Rabbit Hole uses locally sourced grains and flame-charred barrels from Louisville’s Kelvin Cooperage. Their Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey has a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. The rye is distilled and aged for at least 2 years in Kentucky before being bottled

Santa Teresa 1796 rum

For the sophisticated whiskey drinker, a bottle of barrel-aged Santa Teresa 1796 rum is sure to delight the palate. Dark, dry, and bold, a bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 holds blends aged up to 35 years in bourbon oak barrels for a smooth and balanced finish. With notes of wood, dark chocolate, leather and cinnamon, the Venezuelan super-premium rum holds a flavor palate similar to a scotch or whiskey.

Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

Proud father of two and MMA Champion, Conor McGregor launched his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey in late 2018, and the brand has since experienced world-renowned success. Proper No. Twelve is a blend of Ireland’s finest golden grain and single malt whiskey that is triple distilled and aged in oak barrels delivering a taste that is smooth and approachable with hints of vanilla, honey-like sweetness and toasted wood.

McGregor has said that his close relationship with his grandfather played a vital role in his decision to create an Irish whiskey brand of his own. He described his grandfather as an “avid, avid whiskey man” and emphasizes that it was his grandfather’s love and appreciation for Irish whiskey that encouraged him to study and “truly appreciate” the craft behind Irish Whiskey.

Grey Goose vodka

Treat Dad to a martini shaken, stirred, or however he likes it, by gifting him a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. The super-premium French vodka is smooth, rounded, and incredibly versatile, and pairs perfectly with everything from a splash of Benedictine and a lemon twist to your favorite bloody mary mix.

Cooper & Thief’s Tequila-Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc

This summer, switch things up Cooper & Thief’s Tequila-Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc. Stashed for three months in ex-Casa Noble Añejo tequila barrels, it’s an exciting and unusual choice for summer sipping and a light and intriguing alternative to sugary margaritas or the same old Sauvignon Blanc.

2015 BV Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Here’s a red-fruited cabernet that’s juicy and ripe, buoyed by the elegance of benchland tannins. Those tannins feel brisk, with rocky mineral edges and softer hints of leather. They gird the flavors, holding them tight, even as a beam of freshness shoots through the middle of the wine, brightening the formal structure.

Château Malescasse

Recently awarded a Cru Bourgeois exceptional classification (meaning it’s a fantastic wine for a great price), its blackberry and minty notes are sure to soften even the most awkward expressions when the video inevitably freezes.

Cincoro Tequila

Available for delivery on, Drizly and Reserve Bar, Cincoro offers four award-winning expressions — Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo.

Casa Noble Joven

Casa Noble Joven is the first ever tequila of its kind. At 102 proof, the higher alcohol content gives Joven an unmatched flavor experience, while aging it for 6 weeks brings forward notes of vanilla and a smooth finish. For the dad who wants a new, unique addition to his barcart!

Cutwater Rayador Tequila Reposado

Awarded Best of Class and Double Gold at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Cutwater Rayador Tequila Reposado begins with 100% blue agave harvested from Jalisco that’s slow cooked in traditional brick ovens, open fermented, and double distilled in traditional “alambique” stills made of stainless and copper in Tequila. The spirit is then aged in Cutwater whiskey barrels, allowing the rich cooked agave flavor to meld perfectly with hints of vanilla and oak to create this distinctly Cutwater Tequila Reposado. 40% ABV.

PATRÓN Reposado

Carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda PATRÓN distillery, Patrón Reposado is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave. Aged in oak barrels for at least two months, Patrón Reposado offers the clean taste of PATRÓN Silver with the oaky flavor of Patrón Añejo.

Volcán de Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila

Volcán de Mi Tierra’s signature Blanco tequila is a spirit that is truly committed to expressing the heart of the agave and terroir from which it came. Combining agave from the low- and high-lands of “the land of the volcano” in Jalisco, Mexico, it embraces the nuances from each region to create a unique style. The result is an authentically complex yet elegant and balanced liquid.

Blanco delivers an austere and herbaceous flavor spectrum from the lowlands agave, blended with finesse, citrus and floral notes of the highlands. Blanco is best enjoyed mixed into cocktails or served neat.

NOLET’S Silver Gin

NOLET’S Silver is an undeniable modern take on gin that reflects the tastes and preferences of a new generation of gin drinkers. NOLET’S Silver Gin features real botanicals of rose, peach and raspberry. The botanicals are specially selected, individually macerated and then distilled. This method results in a smooth, balanced spirit with soft floral aromas, a fruit-driven palate, and a classic dry finish. Modern, yet steeped in tradition, understated yet inviting, NOLET’S Silver tempts the palate and makes a lasting impression on all the senses.

Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 gin is an ultra premium gin made with a unique combination of 47 botanicals — and the perfect way to give dad some much needed R&R after a long day!

Mount Gay Black Barrel

The latest from Master Blender Allen Smith, Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted blend made of matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates. In a process called finishing, the blended rum is then matured for a second time in deeply charred Bourbon oak barrels. This unique process releases spicy aromas that are balanced and smooth.

Mount Gay XO (“Extra Old”)

The highest awarded rum in the world, XO is an opulent blend of the finest matured spirits, tropically aged in the range of eight to fifteen years. Embodying magnificently smokey notes of ripe banana, toffee and mocha by way of blending older barrels of predominantly double pot distillates, which are renowned for their round, crisp notes and subtle balance, Extra Old exudes the finesse that only time can bring.

Father’s Day WhiskyBox

This gift box includes the following curated whiskey set of 10 minis ( 50ml bottles)

  • Young & Yonder Stave Robber Bourbon
  • Driftless Glen Bourbon
  • Crooked Water Spirits Old Hell Roaring Bourbon
  • Wood’s High Mountain Single Malt Tenderfoot Whiskey
  • Elkhorn Bourbon
  • Quincy St Laughton Brothers
  • Bozeman Spirits 1889 Whiskey
  • Crooked Water Spirits Manley’s Old Fashioned
  • Willie’s Montana Honey Moonshine

Heaven’s Door Whiskey Trilogy Pack

Perfect for Father’s Day, Heaven’s Door’s highly awarded portfolio of whiskeys co-created with Bob Dylan are available in a $59.99 trilogy gifting pack, complete with 200ml bottles of the brands core portfolio: Heaven’s Door Tennessee Straight Bourbon, Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey and Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey. The bottle itself is a piece of art, showcasing the gates Bob Dylan made in his welding studio, and makes a beautiful addition to any bar cart.

The new trilogy packs are available via ReserveBar, where they will ship directly to homes, cutting out the need to run to the store, or drop anything in the mail.

Blackened Whiskey Batch 100 Box Set

Purchase from Cask Cartel or Spirited Gifts

For a gift that truly rocks, Metallica and the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, created a new whiskey BLACKENED, a blend of straight ryes and bourbons. The spirit isn’t just inspired by the iconic band’s music, it is literally shaped by it. The team behind BLACKENED has taken the concept of sonic-enhancement and turned it into BLACK NOISE™, a patent-pending process that uses Metallica’s own music to enhance the flavor of this unconventional American whiskey.

Now, for the first time ever, whiskey lovers and Metallica fans can collect a limited-edition box set commemorating Batch 100 of the gold medal award-winning BLACKENED, loaded with instant collectors items including two 12” vinyl picture discs of the METALLICA playlist that pummeled the finishing barrels during the sonic-enhancement process, selected by Master Distiller Rob Dietrich and curated by Lars Ulrich, the first issue of the unavailable-elsewhere BLACKENED ZINE and more

The Dad Who Has Style

№29 Tan and Navy

The №29 is inspired by Victorian pocket watches, such as those worn by Camden train workers in the 1900s. The coloured details and clean sub-dial numbers modernise the design, ensuring that it looks as good with a suit as it does with a t-shirt.

The Short Sleeve Knit Shirt

When you want to wear a t-shirt but the occasion requires a tailored button down, the shirt to own is our short sleeve stretch shirt for all-day performance.

Tailored using soft, yet structured mélange knit fabric with natural 4-way stretch. Finished with a spread collar, French placket and break resistant buttons this shirt allows for flexible end-use. Coordinate back to Nicestuff knit interlock tailored jacket and pant.

NAKED Cashmere

This Father’s Day, refresh dad’s spring wardrobe with luxurious staples from NAKED Cashmere. Show him some extra love with a Henley made from pure Italian linen or a matching cashmere sweatsuit to keep him comfortable at home and on the go. The cashmere line offers sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, joggers, coats, scarves, beanies, socks and more.


For the classic dad, get him these Prada shades exclusively from Sunglass Hut just in time as many states start to reopen and can once again enjoy outside activities. Prada is synonymous with an understated style that has always anticipated, and often dictated, new trends. Prada sunglasses use only the finest materials to strike the ideal balance of form and function.


Show dad how much you care about him and his eyes with a new pair of frames. Everyday Eyewear by Lensabl offers stylish optical, sun and sleep eyewear with premium prescription and non-prescription lenses. Each pair of lenses includes blue-light protection so he can watch Netflix in bed with less worry!

Rockport’s Men’s Total Motion Lite CVO Sneaker

We’re well into an era when sneakers are considered casual dress shoes, and the Total Motion Lite CVO sneakers fit the bill with ease. Starting with forward-thinking architecture, these men’s shoes have a lightweight feel that doesn’t skimp on support. Premium leather and suede provide natural comfort that feels and fits better with time, and with an up-to-date water-resistant sole and moisture-wicking feature inside, you’ll walk confidently on your commute, in the office, out on the town, or wherever life takes you.

Nothing New

NYC-based Nothing New aims to provide consumers affordable and environmentally conscious sneakers that can be worn for every occasion. The everyday classic, 100% sustainable and NO (zero) virgin plastic shoe will be the newest staple in everyone’s closets. Each shoe is made up of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, the entire upper shoe (100%, laces (100%) and insole lining (100%). Walsh visited over 150 factories around the world to ensure he aligned specifically with a factory who had similar environmental practices and philosophy.

High top styles retail for $110 and low top for $95 at To continue the supply chain and in an effort to enforce recycling, all customers who buy a pair of Nothing New sneakers can send them back and get $20 off their next pair!

Privé Revaux

This simple, stylish and affordable accessory can help to protect dad’s eyes from digital strain emitted from our devices.

Barton Perreira

Create an iconic look with Barton Perreira’s angular Joe sunglasses, as seen in No Time To Die (2020). The sunglasses are finished with 007 inscribed temple and come with a limited edition 007 box, case, authenticity card and cleaning cloth.

JINS Eyewear

This eyewear company feature a unique service bringing glasses to you in 30-minutes, while offering a variety of lens options including JINS SCREEN, that blocks harmful blue light from digital devices. One size does not fit all and everyone is unique, which is why their frames are also available in Alternative Fit.

Speck Travel

Dad could definitely use some upgraded luggage this year for when we can all travel again.

Gift the globetrotting guy in your life with one of Speck Travel’s thoughtfully crafted backpacks or suitcases. Speck Travel has 5 products including a 22-inch Carry-On ($200), 26-inch Upright ($225), 29-inch Upright ($250) — available in a chic Hyacinth Pink, Concrete Grey, Black, and Macaw Blue; and the Business Backpack ($100) and Travel Backpack ($150) — available in Concrete Grey, Black, and Macaw Blue.

Speck Travel was designed to help travelers focus more on the destination, and less on the stress of getting there. These bags are crafted with the traveler in mind, giving them confidence that their goods are protected whether they are on a quick turnaround trip, or heading out on an extended vacation. For the businessman dad, Speck Travel products have compartments for hid laptop, cords and more to make sure that he kicks ass in that meeting. Or for the leisurely dad, the line was designed to make sure he can fit his favorite book and his flip flops to chill poolside.


K-Swiss introduces a limited edition tie dye execution in its #1 selling model, the Hypercourt Express 2. Launched in honor of Father’s Day, the Hypercourt Express 2 is light, comfortable, and has a generous fit with no break-in period needed. Ideal for hard court or clay court playing surfaces, the Hypercourt Express 2 LE is available while supplies last.

Moose Knuckles

Denim jackets are a spring staple, and we’ve got a hot one for ya. Hyper bleached out denim gives this jacket nonchalant cool guy vibes, while simultaneously having badass swag. Logo button closures and flap pockets keep the look classic, while our metal logo on the sleeve makes it anything but.


Nadya has committed to ensuring long-term preservation of endangered species across Africa and Asia. She has used her platform and influence to bring critical attention to habitat deterioration and wildlife protection by taking part in documentary work and conservation campaigns. Nadya’s “Let Elephants be Elephants” campaign has had a significant impact on illegal ivory trade in the region and elephant poaching in Africa, by leading people to pledge against buying ivory.

100% of proceeds from these special-edition t-shirts sales will be donated to Barumun Nagari Wildlife Sanctuary for the elephants and The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

Fuel Knit Plain Toe Oxford

Exclusively from Florsheim, the shoes of the Fuel Collection stand out for their wedge soles and relaxed leather uppers that give them a modern, causal look. With the Fuel Knit Plain Toe Oxford there is an added a cool mix of knit and leather on the upper and on-trend color combinations to make it a shoe that is sure to get noticed.

Mavi Jacob Shorts

Designed in lightweight twill, this contemporary short is the versatile summer piece that works perfectly for even formal occasions. Cut in this Jacob fit, they have a regular rise and are slim through the hip and thigh for a streamlined shape. The yellow wash lets you create a look that’s completely your own this season.



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