Experience VistaJet’s Over-The-Top Private Jet Wellness Experience

With a global offering that is the first of its kind, VistaJet continues to lead creative service excellence for its Members around the world.

When it comes to luxury travel, more and more people are choosing private jets for their spa and wellness retreats.

Benefits of Private Jets for Luxury Spa and Wellness Travel — a journey where everything is just the way you like it, from the moment you get to the airport to the peacefulness of your destination. Let’s dive into why private jets are perfect for an amazing spa and wellness experience.

We recently enjoyed an experience with VistaJet, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, has unveiled its groundbreaking Wellness 360 Program, propelling the concept of wellness travel into a new stratosphere.

‘When Vista Jet began its journey 20 years ago, passengers’ priorities were very different,’ says Matteo Atti, CMO of private jet charter company VistaJet. ‘Customers used to care about what champagne they were being served, now they are interested in wellness, the quality of the food and how much sleep they get.’

The experience begins with a pre-flight consultation with a VistaJet nutritionist, who reviews the passenger’s dietary requirements and flavour preferences, as well as making suggestions of meals with particular wellness of health benefits.

After the flight passengers receive a Wellness guide created by leading physician Dr Jordan Shlain and his team at Private Medical, which provides tips and guidance for maintaining optimal well-being after flying, guides include jet lag management and hydrating effectively after arrival.

VistaJet’s Private World program provides access to an exclusive network of wellness destinations across the globe, spanning four continents and encompassing more than 20 disciplines. For example, you can embark on a 21-day spiritual expedition through Nepal and Bhutan with Pelorus, with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp, hiking, monastery visits, and traditional rituals for body health.



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