Don Julio Says Its Tequila Is ‘Por Amor’

Don Julio has a new message that it is promoting to its fans: it takes heart to make high-quality tequila

Tequila Don Julio is honoring the legacy of its late founder Don Julio González with “Por Amor”, a new global advertising campaign that depicts González following his heart and pouring that love into his craft, people and process, which became the driving force behind the brand.

Filmed in Jalisco, Mexico, the home of Tequila Don Julio’s La Primavera distillery, and Mexico City, the campaign illustrates the reward and celebration that comes when a tequila is made por amor (for the love).

In its new global ad campaign, the premium tequila brand walks us through a brief tour of the tequila production process — from harvesting agave in the fields of Mexico, to distilling the tequila, to the final product being consumed by ecstatic-looking celebrants.

“In crafting this campaign, we wanted to think about the love that goes into every bottle of Tequila Don Julio and how that traces back to the vision concepted by our late founder,” shares Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila, Diageo North America. “We wanted to honor Don Julio González’s passion for making only the highest quality tequila and underscore how the love for craft that goes into each bottle comes out as an exceptionally smooth liquid meant to be shared with people around the world.”

Launching first in the U.S., the campaign created by Anomaly New York will be featured across social, over-the-top, and out-of-home media before rolling out globally. Through a series of cinematic shorts, the creative treatments show that when the heart is poured into each bottle of Tequila Don Julio, you taste the love in every sip and that love needs to be shared with those closest to you.

Don Julio González had always followed his heart. It’s what’s led him to spend decades perfecting his craft and creating one of Mexico’s most loved tequilas. Eighty years later, Tequila Don Julio is one of the world’s highest quality tequilas meant to be enjoyed in celebration with friends and family, that is still made using the unconventional methods and processes — with zero compromises — that Don Julio González implemented when he first embarked on his tequila-making journey.

As a beloved tequila brand, Tequila Don Julio continues to grow as the preferred luxury spirit for discerning drinkers. According to the Diageo Annual Report 2022, the brand achieved 36% organic growth in tequila sales and is gaining market share in the fastest-growing tequila category in the U.S. spirits market. Made from the heart, Tequila Don Julio produces a smooth liquid that is perfect to share with those you love.



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