Don Julio is giving out $5 & releasing exclusive NFTequilas to get you back to bars & restaurants this Cinco de Mayo


Almost 80 years ago, Tequila Don Julio was founded by Don Julio González — a man as devoted to his craft as taking care of his own. To carry on his remarkable legacy and support our friends and familia, Tequila Don Julio is establishing the Tequila Don Julio Fund with a commitment of $1 million in aid over the next four years to charities whose missions help our community grow stronger.

To support the devoted bartenders and restaurant workers in the industry, the Fund will make its first contribution on Cinco de Mayo through a combined donation of $125,000 to benefit two outstanding charities: No Us Without You LA and Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

This Cinco de Mayo, Tequila Don Julio hopes you are able to visit your favorite local bar or restaurant and support those who have always made our Cinco celebrations so special. Here’s how you can get involved:

DON JULIO CINCOS: To kick start celebrations, Tequila Don Julio is dropping $125,000 worth of “Don Julio Cincos” — physical and digital vouchers beautifully designed by Mexican Artist Claudio Límon. Each one unlocks $5 that consumers are encouraged to spend at a local bar or restaurant of their choice on Cinco de Mayo!

There are two ways to get the Don Julio Cincos From May 1 — May 5

The @DonJulioTequila Instagram Page: Swipe up when you see the Don Julio Cinco on Instagram Stories where 3,000 Don Julio Cincos will be available per day to be redeemed to your Venmo account. For five glorious days, you can enter once daily to collect a Don Julio Cinco — for a grand total of $25 to spend at a bar or restaurant of your choice.

Tequila Don Julio “Automated Tequila Machine” (ATM): Find the Tequila Don Julio ATM in Los Angeles (8507 Melrose Ave in West Hollywood) where up to 1,000 Don Julio Cincos will be available each day. You can win up to 10 Don Julio Cincos (worth $50) — each one will feature a special QR code and PIN to redeem to your Venmo account.



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