Best Cocktails & Spirits To EnjoyWith Dad This Father’s Day

Show dad how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day by getting him sloshed with the perfect cocktail recipe!

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If your dad is one to appreciate a well-shaken drink, then a personalized cocktail is one of the best gifts you can get him this Father’s Day. Dads can be really particular about the alcohol they drink, but if you gift him the the right cocktail ingredients and recipes, it shows you’re really paying attention.

Whether he’s a Don Draper-esque whiskey drinker, a Tony Soprano scotch sipper or a James Bond martini fanatic, there’s an endless array of fun drinks that he can make with a well-stocked bar cart.

No matter his signature drink, we rounded up a list of the best Father’s Day cocktails, recipes and ingredients, one of which your dad is sure to love.

Cocktails To Enjoy With Dad

The Macallan Sour


The Macallan Double Cask 15 Years Old

20ml lemon juice

10ml brown sugar syrup

Egg white

Oloroso sherry float


Shake all ingredients, except sherry, into an ice-filled shaker.

Strain into glass over ice.

Using a bar spoon, slowly layer the sherry over the top of the cocktail.

The Rob Roy


50ml Sherry Oak 18 Years Old

15ml sweet vermouth

1 dash angostura bitters

2 dash orange bitters

Garnish — Luxardo cherry


Add ingredients to mixing glass and fill with ice.

Stir for 30 seconds and single strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.

The Keep Walking 18


1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Black Label

0.25 oz Rose’s Lime

0.5 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Ginger Beer

1 oz Soda Water

2 Dash Angostura bitters


Garnish with a Lemon wheel/mint bouquet

The Lemon Wedge


1 ½ oz Dewar’s 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

2 oz Lemonade

3 oz Club Soda


Combine Dewar’s 12 Year Old and Lemonade in a highball glass over ice.Top with chilled Club Soda and stir. Garnish with a Lemon Wedge.

METAXA 12 Stars Sour


2 oz Metaxa 12 Stars

0.75 oz fresh lemon juice

0.75 oz sugar syrup

1 egg white or 0.5 tsp meringue (optional)


Add ice and all ingredients into a shaker and shake well

Strain the ice and dry shake

Pour cocktail into a glass over the ice

Garnish with orange zest

Belle de Brillet Belle Rose


1 oz Belle de Brillet

2.75 oz Rose

3.5 oz Sparkling Water or Lemonade


Pour all ingredients into a glass full of ice and stir gently

Garnish with a lime wedge

The Community Spirit Vodka Moscow Mule


2 oz The Community Spirit Vodka

1 oz lime juice

4 oz ginger beer

Garnish: lime wedge and mint sprig


Build the cocktail in the copper mug. Starting with The Community Spirit Vodka, lime juice, and then top the cocktail off with ginger beer. Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

Contraluz & Alma Finca’s Light and Soul


2 oz Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal

½ oz Alma Finca Orange Liqueur

½ oz Nixta Licor de Elote

1 oz Lime Cordial

½ oz Hagave Spiced Nectar


Add all ingredients to a shaker. Shake with ice. Strain and serve into a rocks glass with chiltepin salt rim.

CÎROC Limonata Spritz


1.5 oz. CÎROC Limonata

2.0 oz. Lemonade

1.0 oz. Sparkling Wine


Add all ingredients to a wine glass and gently stir together, then garnish with Club Soda, Lemon Wheel and Fresh Mint garnish



1.5oz Astral Tequila Reposado

3oz Lemonade

1oz Red Ruby Grapefruit Juice

Club Soda to Top


Add Astral Tequila Reposado, lemonade and ruby red grapefruit juice to an ice-filled highball glass and stir. Top with club soda and garnish with a grapefruit wedge with chili lime seasoning.



2 oz Baileys S’mores Irish Cream Liqueur

.5 oz Vodka

.75 oz Cream de Cacao

1 oz Half & Half

1 oz Chocolate Magic Shell for the inside glass


Add the magic shell into the bottom glass, then roll the chocolate halfway around the glass.

Put the glass into the fridge/freezer.

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice.

Shake for about 6 to 8 seconds and strain into the martini glass then garnish with the s’mores.




0.5 oz MARTINI Ambrato Vermouth

0.5 oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth

3 dashes orange bitters


Add all to a mixing glass, and stir with ice. Pour neat into a chilled Nick & Nora glass, garnish with orange twist.

Glassware: Martini or nick & nora/cocktail glass

Ice type: Cubed ice (for stirring)

Garnish: Orange “bee” twist



1.5 oz Buchanan’s Pineapple​

2 oz Pineapple juice

​1 oz Coconut cream

0.75 oz Fresh lime juice

Angostura bitters float

Lime wheel garnish


Add Buchanan’s Pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and lime juice into a shaker with ice, and shake until cold.

Chill Buchanan’s Pineapple and pour into shot glass.

Pour into highball glass filled with crushed ice, and top with a float of Angostura bitters.

Garnish with a lime wheel.

Alternatively, make it frozen in a blender.



1.5 oz. Old Parr Aged 12 Years

3 oz. fresh pineapple juice

0.65 oz ginger syrup

Top with ginger beer

Slice of ginger and/or pineapple leaves garnish


Combine Old Parr Aged 12 Years, fresh pineapple juice and ginger syrup into a cocktail shaker with ice

Shake well and strain into a highball glass over ice

Top with ginger beer and garnish with a slice of ginger and/or pineapple leaves.

Guava Colada


1.5 oz Santa Teresa 1796

.75 oz Lime Juice

.75 oz Monin Guava Syrup

.75 oz Coco Lopez Coconut Cream


Add all ingredients in shaken tin, add ice, shake and strain over glassware.

Old Fashioned


2 ounces Martingale Cognac

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1/4 ounce rich simple syrup

1 orange twist, for garnish

Mr Black Frozen Espresso Martini

Ingredients *serves two

7.6 oz strong brewed coffee or espresso

2 oz Mr Black

1 oz Ketel One Vodka

½ tsp Vanilla


Pour room temperature espresso into ice tray, leave for 6–8 hours or till frozen. Add espresso ice to blender jar along with Mr Black, vodka and vanilla, blend till smooth (about 1 min). To serve, divide into 2 chilled coupes and garnish with 3 coffee beans each.

Gold Rush


1.5 parts Bushmills Original

1 part fresh lemon juice

1 part honey syrup

4 sprigs fresh mint

Lemon wheel


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice

Shake for 10 seconds and strain over fresh ice

Roe Highball


50 ml Roe & Co

Top with good soda or Tonic (if you have a sweet tooth)


Add all ingredients to a highball glass and fill with ice

Stir briefly

Garnish with a slice of fresh grapefruit

Gran Coramino Coffee + Anejo


1.5 oz Gran Coramino Anejo

.75 oz Campari

.5 oz Antica Vermouth

.25 oz coffee liqueur


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass

Add ice and stir 25–30 times

Strain into rocks glass and top with fresh ice

No garnish…It’s father’s day don’t make it complicated

CÎROC French 75

The French 75 has seen many iterations, but the original recipe calls for the refined richness of CÎROC VS.


1.5 oz CÎROC VS French Brandy

0.5 oz lemon juice

0.5 oz simple syrup



Add 1.5 oz CÎROC VS French Brandy, 0.5 oz lemon juice and 0.5 oz simple syrup in a shaker. Add ice and shake well until everything is chilled. Strain into a flute glass and garnish with a lemon twist. Top with champagne.

Jameson Old Fashioned


2 Parts Jameson Black Barrel

1 Dashes Angostura Bitters

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

2 Dashes Simple Syrup

1 Spiral Orange

Ice Cubes


Fill a glass with ice. Add Jameson Black Barrel. Angostura Bitters, Orange Bitters, Simple Syrup. Stir until ice cold. Garnish with orange spiral.

Honey Lemon Wedge


2 oz Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

2 lemon wedges

6–8 good sized fresh mint leaves

½oz local honey syrup (2:1 local honey : boiling water. Mix to fully integrate and let cool before using)

Mint sprig garnish


Muddle lemon, mint and honey in a shaker tin and then add Scotch Whisky. Add ice and shake vigorously before straining into chilled rocks glass over ice.

French 75


2 oz Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru

3 oz Martini & Rossi Prosecco

½ oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

¼ oz sugar syrup

Lemon twist to garnish


Shake all of the ingredients (except Prosecco) briefly with cubed ice for around 10 seconds. Fine strain the mixture into a chilled, straight-sided wine glass including 3 oz of Prosecco.

Postage Stamp

Take a journey of the senses with this delicious and floral cocktail.


1 1/2 oz Glenmorangie Original

1/3 oz Elderflower Cordial

1/3 oz Orgeat

1 oz Lemon Juice

1 Dash Orange Bitters


Shake all ingredients with ice. Serve in a coupe. Garnish with a twist of orange zest on the rim of the glass.

DeLeón’s Liquid Gold Margarita


1.5 oz DeLeón Blanco

½ oz Orange Liqueur

½ oz Fresh Lime Juice

½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

¾ oz Agave Nectar Syrup


Combine DeLeón Blanco Tequila with the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake thoroughly and pour into a rocks glass with ice.

The Código Añejo Tequila Old Fashioned


2 oz Código Añejo Tequila

1⁄4 oz Agave Nectar

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Orange Twist for garnish


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice.

Stir until well-chilled.

Strain into a rocks glass over an ice cube or served neat

Garnish with orange twist or dried orange.

Toki Highball


45ml Toki blended Japanese Whisky

3 parts premium soda water

Grapefruit slide or lemon peel


Fill a glass with ice and let chill

Por chilled whisky


Add chilled soda (3–4 part soda for 1 part whisky)

Give a single stir from bottom to top with a bar spoon

Add a twist of grapefruit or lemon citrus. Enjoy!

Prospector’s Punch


24 oz. Argonaut Brandy

8 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

24 oz. Double Steeped Black Tea

24 oz. Ginger Beer

6 oz. Wildflower Honey (or Honey of Choice)

2 Stick of Cinnamon (Broken)

8 oz. Dried Cranberries

6 oz. Sugar


In a medium saucepan, toast 2 sticks of cinnamon until fragrant (2–3 minutes), then cover with 2 cups of water, let simmer covered for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add black tea, let steep for 5 minutes then strain.

While warm add honey, cranberries and sugar. Stir to combine and let cool to room temperature. Serve in a punch bowl with one large ice block or multiple medium cubes. Add Brandy, black tea infusion, lemon juice, and top with ginger beer. Garnish with citrus wheels, cinnamon sticks and fresh herbs.

Knob Creek’s Fur Elise Cocktail


2 parts Knob Creek® 7 Year Old Rye

½ part orange liqueur

¼ part rich demerara syrup

½ part pomegranate juice

½ part lemon juice

Fresh sage (for garnish)


Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker tin.

Shake with ice and then double strain (using a hawthorne & fine mesh strainer) into a coupe glass.

Mount Gay Rum Eclipse Navy Paloma ​


1oz Navy Strength ​

3–4 oz grapefruit soda​


Garnish with grapefruit slice​

Spirits, Wine & More

Omaha Steaks Father’s Day Surf & Turf + Signature Wines Trio Package

To make this gift truly extraordinary, the package also includes the NEW Omaha Steaks 1917 Signature Wine Trio. Sourced by Laithwaites Wine in partnership with Omaha Steaks, this selection is expertly made to perfectly pair with and enhance the flavors of the savory meal! It includes a silky Portuguese Red Blend, a vibrant French Chardonnay, and a luxurious, award-winning Sonoma Cabernet Reserve.

Hatozaki Omakase Rye Third Edition Mizunara Cask Finish

A testament to the seasoned artistry of the Yonezawa family aging tradition, crafted in small batches of no more than 10 casks. The blend, consisting of at least 51% rye, is aged in new charred oak and then finished in traditional Mizunara casks. This dual maturation allows the Mizunara to impart its distinctive character, resulting in notes of sandalwood, coconut, and Japanese incense — a refined encounter with Japanese elegance.

Dewar’s 19 Year Old — The Champion’s Edition

DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch Whisky continues its partnership with the US Open with the launch of DEWAR’S 19 Year Old — The Champion’s Edition’s fourth iteration. Masterfully crafted by Dewar’s five-time master blender Stephanie Macleod, this year’s iteration is finished using Dewar’s signature double aging method and is extra-matured in Rye Casks.

The result is a scotch whisky that is as rich and complex as the great game of golf. Opening with ripe notes of pear and heather honey, the Rye casks provide a spicy complexity that warms the dram from a dusting of cinnamon and cocoa powder before culminating in a cool finish.

Bowmore Single Malt 18 YO

Cosseted away in the finest, hand-selected oak casks and allowed to mature at its own sedate pace, this is one of the most remarkable, perfectly balanced single malt scotch whiskies of its kind. One of Bowmore’s rarest whiskies, bottles of Bowmore 18-Year-Old may be limited, but there’s no end to its enjoyment.

The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old

A perfectly balanced single malt whisky matured for 18 years in both American and European sherry seasoned oak casks. Sherry seasoned American oak adds delicate vanilla to the subtle spice of European oak, delivering a whisky with a sweeter, warmer taste and character.

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

This whiskey challenges the convention of what an Irish Whiskey can be, with layers of unique flavor influenced by unconventional cask maturation techniques.Hand-selected casks of grain and malt whiskey are initially fully aged in ex-bourbon barrels, then married together in Central American Rum casks for up to 12 months for a unique, dried fruit profile, making it the perfect whiskey to enjoy neat or in a cocktail to bring out its layered character.

Clermont Steep

Clermont Steep American Single Malt Whiskey is the first American Single Malt Whiskey to be released from the James B. Beam Distilling Co. under Freddie Noe, 8th Generation Master Distiller of the Fred B. Noe Distillery. As a formally undefined category, Freddie Noe purposefully developed his own guidelines and defining factors for American Single Malt Whiskey while operating under the ultimate creative constraint — using a single grain. Clermont Steep is a product of singular focus and results in a singularly focused whiskey experience.

Knob Creek 10 Year Old Rye

Aged three more years than the beloved 7 Year Old Rye, Knob Creek 10 Year Old Rye maintains the clasic rye essence that Knob Creek is known for, but boasts deeper notes of rich caramel, creamy vanilla, and robust oak and char notes due to its extended aging process.

Bottled at 100 proof, this extra-aged whiskey is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks so enthusiasts can savor its bold and complex flavor. Now available at nationwide retailers for $69.99

Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks

Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks (100-proof) is an incomparably smooth and drinkable whiskey, as the spicy and earthy rye mingles with the mellow sweetness from the rum finish. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, this rye has a complex and unique profile that makes every sip memorable.

Talisker Distillers Edition

As a brand that is made by the sea on the Isle of Skye, Talisker Distiller Edition is double-matured in Amoroso-seasoned casks, making a wonderfully rounded, luscious, fruity sweetness, complementing the familiar crisp, dry peat-smoke and pepperiness of the original Talisker expression.

Templeton FORTITUDE Bourbon

This is the first distillate from Templeton Distillery. A high rye mash bill matured to perfection in premium first-fill American Oak Barrels, its rich, full flavors of rye and spice are harmoniously blended with butterscotch and wonderful zesty citrus, followed by an enduring warm finish of spicy oak notes and caramel popcorn.

Mercer + Prince

Mercer + Prince was founded by A$AP Rocky and created in partnership with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo. It’s a Canadian Whisky twice distilled, aged a minimum of 4 years in ex-American white oak barrels, and influenced by rare Japanese Mizunara Oak. The Japanese Mizunara Oak influence results in a distinct taste profile with hints of baked apple and cinnamon that is extra smooth and more robust than other leading whisky brands. Its taste is approachable and easy to drink, especially for those who are starting to explore the category.

Waterford Whisky

Waterford Whisky invites you to embark on a sensory journey like no other with Cuvée Fumo, a masterful expression of peated Irish single malt that stands as a testament to the art of peat. This extraordinary whisky intricately weaves together peated malts from select layers, notably including the Peated Single Farm Origins of Lacken and Woodbrook, to craft an expression that speaks volumes of the rich, smoky essence peat imparts. Cuvée Fumo is not just a whisky; it’s Waterford’s bold exploration into the profound impact of peat, offering a distinctive and immersive experience that captivates from the first sip.

Cuvée Fumo is characterized by its smoky, phenolic character, enriched with the sweetness of honey and heather, culminating in a long, spicy finish. The whisky’s clear, light gold hue invites you into its layered flavors, featuring notes of char, leather, dark fruits, and marzipan. This is a whisky that celebrates peat’s transformative power, revealing the myriad of ways it can enhance and elevate the whisky tasting experience.

Waterford’s commitment shines in Cuvée Fumo, demonstrating how the deliberate selection of peated elements can elevate a whisky to unparalleled heights. This offering is a bold invitation to the smoky, rich layers that only peat can unveil, crafted for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of peated single malts.

Royal Salute 21-Year-Old

A celebration to live long in the memory, Royal Salute was created to mark the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the nose, sweet pears and citrus fruits are balanced with the fragrance of autumn flowers. An elegant blend of vanilla and dry oak is crowned with subtle notes of sherry and just a wisp of smoke. In the mouth, the welcome warmth of orange marmalade and fresh pears is followed by a brave explosion of spices and hazelnut. After the excitement, a trace of smoke lingers.

Redemption Rum Cask Finish

To make this one-of-a-kind spirit, Master Blender, Alan Kennedy, took our trademark Redemption Rye (95% rye, 5% malted barley mashbill) and finished it in Jamaican and Barbadian rum barrels. The result is an intriguing romance between the signature spice of Redemption Rye and the complex sweetness imparted on the rum barrels. The aging process required meticulous monitoring to achieve the perfect balance of these flavors. The resulting spirit was named “Best American Rye Whiskey” at the 2021 World Whiskies Competition.

Brother’s Bond Original Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottled at barrel proof, the Brother’s Bond Cask Strength Bourbon is everything a bourbon enthusiast seeks for a classic whiskey — elegant and exceptionally rich, complex & balanced taste with a touch of sweetness & spice.

15 STARS First West Bourbon Whiskey

Started by father-son duo Rick and Ricky Johnson, 15 STARS is a true family brand. The newly released First West Bourbon has already gained acclaim winning Gold at the Whiskeys of the World Awards, Double Gold at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, and Platinum at the L.A. Spirits Award. First West Bourbon is sure to win for the dad who likes a little luxury in his glass every night with rich finishes and delightful notes.

Castle’s Curse 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Hailing from the Teaninich Distillery, Castle’s Curse is the latest addition to the Orphan Barrel collection and the second Single Malt Scotch Whisky to be featured from the distillery.

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. searches for rare whiskies hidden away in the dark corners of distilleries and rickhouses around the world, releasing limited amounts of the last drops of treasured liquids. Undiscovered until now, Castle’s Curse joins Orphan Barrel’s coveted line-up of limited-edition liquids.

Representing the lore of Scottish culture with a Loch Kelpie immortalized on the label, this rare release is the perfect dram to sip on this season.

FUJI Whisky

Fuji Japanese Whisky is a single blended 100% Japanese whisky. This unique expression is the embodiment of what sets Fuji Gotemba Distillery apart, as the world’s only distillery to craft, nurture, age, and bottle three styles of grain whiskies — American heavy Bourbon, Canadian medium Rye, and light Scottish style.

Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 10

Nikka Yoichi Single Malt 10-Year-Old was created through production methods unique to Nikka Whisky. The coal-fired distillation contributes to the smoky notes, and the high heat caused by the direct fire results in bold flavors throughout, making these characteristics truly unique features of the Yoichi Single Malt 10-Year-Old.

Great Jones Straight Bourbon

Great Jones Straight Bourbon is a perfect fit. This light-to-medium-bodied bourbon boasts a traditional palate with rich notes of creamy vanilla and caramel, complemented by a subtle peppery finish. Crafted with a blend of corn, malted barley, and rye, it offers a timeless taste experience that Dad is sure to appreciate.

ABERFELDY Limited Edition 15 Year Old Cadillac White Wine Cask

ABERFELDY has added a new member to its Exceptional Casks Series: the Limited Edition 15 Year Old Cadillac White Wine Cask. With tasting notes of ripe peaches, creamy toffee, and zesty orange peel. Created by Malt Master Stephanie Macleod, this release highlights the unique influence of sweet Cadillac wine casks, offering more yellow fruit, floral notes, and a refreshing balance.

Buchanan’s Pineapple

A fantastic gift for any dad that loves a good drink — meet the perfect balance of scotch whisky with a pineapple twist! Buchanan’s Pineapple, a 2024 Product of the Year Winner, combines the extraordinary smoothness of Scotch Whisky from the house of Buchanan’s with the vibrant taste of pineapple. The result is a uniquely sophisticated drink with aroma of luscious, juicy pineapple and a hint of zesty citrus perfectly paired with the light caramel and vanilla notes, finishing with lingering, bright tropical flavors.

Glengoyne 12 Year Old

Glengoyne 12 Year Old is a perfect balance of rich intensity and citrus freshness. This whisky brings notes of toffee apples, ginger, shortbread and a delicate hint of spice, rounded off with soft and smooth oak finish. It pairs perfectly with a nutty cheese or nice slice of pecan pie.

Tamdhu 15 Year Old

Tamdhu 15 Year Old bottled at 46% volume, is fully matured in a harmonious blend of the finest American and European Oloroso Sherry Oak casks. On the nose immediate notes of spiced currant and orange zest are apparent. The liquid proves intense and vibrant from the first sip. On the palate, a burst of spring fruits delights your senses, culminating in a rewardingly long finish that beautifully reflects the aging process.

Isle of Skye 8 Year Old

Isle of Skye 8 Year Old has gentle sweetness on the nose with floral notes, citrus aromas, and subtle smoke. Peat smoke on the palate along with shellfish, toffee, vanilla and heather. Dry to finish with continued smoke.

Wilderness Trail Bourbon

Wilderness Trail Distillery’s products are handcrafted with precision focusing solely on a unique sweet mash process and producing consistent great tasting award-winning spirits.

Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years

The NEW Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years is a highly limited, small-batch bourbon that has been aged in charred oak barrels and blended to perfection. The liquid was blended to capture the tradition of excellence started by George A. Dickel more than a century ago.


Made from the finest hand-selected stocks of Irish malt and grain whiskies, Roe & Co is a luxuriously smooth blend. Roe & Co Blended Irish Whiskey is created by bartenders for bartenders, to ensure a better cocktail.

Bib & Tucker 6-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon

Bib & Tucker 6-Year-Old Small Batch Bourbon has been quietly earning top accolades from the most admired competitions around the world. Taking its name from the phrase commonly used to describe your finest attire in the 1880s, Bib & Tucker is aged to perfection for at least 6 years with a bold, refined taste and is exceptionally smooth, double distilled and filtered through sugar maple charcoal. The brand is highly awarded, with 18 awards in the last few years, and unlike other whiskies today, doesn’t cut any corners and keeps the age front and center. Bib & Tucker 6-Year-Old was awarded 93 Points from Whisky Advocate.

Stauning Whisky Danish Rye

The signature Rye Malt Whisky offers depth of flavor and balance. 100% floor malted in the distillery, double distilled in their small direct-fired copper pot stills and matured in virgin American white oak barrels.

Jeptha Creed

Located in the origin of bourbon — Kentucky, Jeptha Creed is known for creating award-winning spirits with farm-grown heirloom corn combined with malted grains, all while utilizing traditional techniques. Owned and operated by Joyce and Autumn Nethery, the remarkable mother-daughter duo stands as the only such team in Kentucky’s whiskey-making landscape. Jeptha Creed offers a Straight Four-Grain Bourbon with a complex and rich sensation on the palate with flavors of vanilla, mint, clove and toasted pecans. Their latest release, 6-Year Wheated Bourbon, highlights the distinct impact of their heirloom Bloody Butcher Corn.

Launched in May, this bourbon delights with an aroma of brown butter, toasted almond and croissant, a medium creamy mouthfeel with fresh baked cinnamon bread with a honey glaze, tobacco and a bit of chocolate, finishing with long, light, refreshing notes of white pepper, dark cherry and crème brûlée.

Keeper’s Heart

This exceptional whiskey masterfully combines the rich heritage of Irish and American whiskey-making traditions. This new to world style brings together the smoothness and richness of Irish whiskey with the boldness and complexity of American whiskey, creating a unique drinking experience like no other.

Their characteristic Irish + Bourbon intertwines sweet taste with notes of freshly charred virgin oak, paired beautifully with the earthy spices of the single Irish pot still whiskey and the delicate butterscotch sweetness from the Irish grain whiskey to deliver a unique tasting experience. Another standout, the Irish + American, combines the unique qualities of Irish grain and single pot still whiskeys with American Rye whiskey, resulting in a remarkable and harmonious drinking experience.

Rémy Martin XO

Celebrating opulence and excellence, the iconic XO decanter is given an anniversary reimagining. Decorated with golden javelins and a 300-year collar, it is presented in a gold gift box embellished with the Centaur, which opens to reveal a fan display. At the pinnacle of the collection, Rémy Martin XO is the signature of the Cellar Master who draws from hundreds of eaux-de-vie to create a cognac of exceptional aromatic complexity.


The LOUIS XIII Classic decanter has remained the ultimate expression of our finest eaux-de-vie blend since 1874, containing up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne terroir. No two of these decanters are the same. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans from the finest European crystal houses, each decanter is individually numbered and unique.

St-Rémy Signature

With this blend, the first maturation in new oak casks delivers spiced notes, indulgence, and vivacity, while the second maturation in traditional casks balances the blend with roundness and sweetness.

Martell Cordon Bleu

Named after the international emblem of excellence, Cordon Bleu (SRP: $219.99) is an icon of Cognac craftsmanship and one of the first to be released in the XO category in 1912. Masterfully crafted from over 100 eaux-de-vie, the premium spirit is a staple for the Cognac lover, best enjoyed neat to fully appreciate its spicy fruit notes and elegant richness. Cordon Bleu is the perfect choice for those who appreciate tradition and refinement.

Martell Blue Swift

Blue Swift (SRP: $48.99) is an expression of pure innovation as it’s the first-ever V.S.O.P cognac matured in French oak casks and finished in American whiskey barrels. The result is an exceptionally smooth pour with notes of ginger, candied fruit, and toasted oak that even your traditional whiskey or bourbon drinker will find pleasing. Blue Swift is great in classic Cognac cocktails such as the Sidecar and French 75 or as a replacement for whiskey or bourbon in cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Mint Julep.

Casamigos x Williams Sonoma

With Summer around the corner, stock up on all your cocktail must-haves with the latest Casamigos x Williams Sonoma gift caddy set. Casamigos has once again partnered with Williams Sonoma to launch a brand-new Margarita Caddy gift set just in time for Summer celebrations. This gift set includes four fan favorites of the small batch, premium cocktail mixes — Spicy Mango, Guava Ginger, Signature Margarita Light and Cucumber Chile.

The new mixes are designed to be enjoyed simply by adding Casamigos Mezcal, Reposado, Cristalino, Jalapeño or Blanco Tequila and ice. You’ll be enjoying the perfect, easy cocktail with a quick shake or stir. The new gift set is now available in-store and online at Williams Sonoma and retail for $59.95. Sipping and gifting made easy!

Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro Tequila has launched a new 375 mL bottle offering with their award-winning Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo expressions. The new size offering is perfect for gifting and offers consumers the same beautiful design in a more convenient size bottle.

Tequila Don Julio Alma Miel

Tequila Don Julio Alma Miel, is an exceptional liquid inspired by the agave honey that comes from the heart of the 100% Blue Weber Agave. This unique blend of Blanco tequila distilled with oven-roasted agave honey and Añejo tequila that has been aged for at least 14 months and finished in Crémant du Limoux wine casks from the Limoux region of France, results in a lusciously smooth liquid with honeyed aromas that brings out the heart and soul of each moment.

To help bring to life the soul at the core of the product, Mexican singer-songwriter, Christian Nodal joins the brand in celebrating the launch of Tequila Don Julio Alma Miel through the lens of Modern Mexico. Nodal shares how he lives Por Amor in the brand’s new creative film launching in early February and will help curate a national dinner series that blends Tequila Don Julio Alma Miel with a fusion of Mexican rhythms and sounds, and delicious food that will tantalize the taste buds, to create sensorial and meaningful experiences.

Tequila Don Julio Rosado

Tequila Don Julio Rosado is an exquisite Reposado tequila that’s aged at least four months in Ruby Port wine casks to impart a light fruit finish and delicate pink hue. Whether you are gifting or sipping this Mother’s Day, Tequila Don Julio Rosado is the perfect spirit to relish in life’s special moments with the most important people. Tequila Don Julio Rosado is best enjoyed on the rocks or with a splash of sparkling water and a lemon garnish.


The ultimate innovation in silver tequila, PATRÓN EL CIELO is the first four times distilled prestige tequila in the world. Made with the highest quality 100% Weber Blue Agave with only 100% natural ingredients, PATRÓN EL CIELO is crafted with the smallest copper pot still at Hacienda PATRÓN.

Often misconceived as a culprit for diluting flavors, the unique distillation process for PATRÓN EL CIELO actually “unlocked” and opened up the natural sweetness and smoothness from the agave. The perfect summer party starter, PATRÓN EL CIELO makes every moment shine bright from day to night.

Tequila Don Julio 1942

Perfect for celebrating dad this Father’s Day, Tequila Don Julio 1942 is an ultra-premium Añejo aged for at least two and a half years in American white oak barrels, resulting in a premium silky, smooth liquid that coats the palate with roasted agave flavors, vanilla, sun-ripened tropical fruits and spiced undertones. For extra customization, consider engraving a bottle of Tequila Don Julio 1942 to make your gift to dad that much more special.

Tequila Avión Reserva 44

For the dad who enjoys a premium sip, there’s no better gift than Tequila Avión Reserva 44 (SRP: $99.99), a handcrafted extra Añejo tequila aged in American oak barrels for 36 months. The liquid, which is created in limited batches, boasts 44 unique and rich flavor notes and is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a signature Avión cocktail.

Whether you’re looking to jazz up Dad’s bar cart or help him elevate his favorite cocktail, Tequila Avión’s Reserva 44 is a must-have this Father’s Day. So pop open the bottle and toast to Dad with Tequila Avión.

Contraluz 11:11 Mezcal Reposado

Contraluz 11:11’s contemporary maturation process produces an exceptional liquid that strikes a unique balance between the light smoke of the cooked agave and the inviting indulgence from the Japanese cherry wood (Sakura).

Made from 100% Maguey Espadín, Contraluz 11:11 is a Reposado that has been matured for 11 months and 11 days in American oak bourbon barrels and Sakura (cherry wood) casks. It has been masterfully crafted to refine the smoky notes brought on by the cooked agave making way for the cherry wood’s decadent floral notes.

Contraluz 11:11 has an inviting taste with a touch of cooked agave, citrus, vanilla, and floral cherry blossoms. At the back, hints of wood and light smoke with fruity notes in the aftertaste.

Maestro Dobel Tequila

Maestro Dobel Tequila, creator of the world’s first Cristalino and innovator of aged tequilas, has released three rare, luxury barrel-aged Extra Anejo tequilas as a part of The Dobel 50 Anniversary Series.

Composed of expressions that commemorate the years 1968, 1969 and 1970, the Dobel 50 Anniversary Series Extra Añejo tequilas are aged for a minimum of seven years then finished in rare casks. The sophisticated and distinct flavor profiles make these tequilas the perfect luxury gift for a spirit connoisseur!

El Tesoro Extra Añejo

A tribute to Carlos Camarena’s father, Felipe J., and their mutual love for aging tequila, this special tequila blend is aged slowly in American oak ex-bourbon barrels for four to five years, imparting rich flavors of chocolate and coffee.

Gran Centenario Cristalino

This Cristalino features the perfect blend of the finest reserves of Añejo and Extra Añejo tequilas. Twice distilled in copper pot stills and aged in new American oak results in a tequila that is ultra-smooth and crystal-clear.


An ultra-premium crystal clear añejo finished in port wine casks 1800® Cristalino is a crystal clear añejo tequila with deceptive depth, presented in a stunning crystalline bottle. 100% Weber blue agave is handpicked at its peak of maturity, aged in French and American oak barrels, married together, then finished in port wine casks. The result is an ultra-premium tequila that offers the complexity of an Añejo with the smoothness of a Blanco. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or elevate any cocktail to celebrate life’s special moments with taste.

Lobos 1707 Tequila, Joven

Young in spirit, old in soul, Joven is elevated by being mixed with a measure of Lobos 1707 Tequila, Reposado. The liquid is carbon-filtered, then finished in the brand’s historic Pedro Ximénez (PX) wine barrels using the solera system method, resulting in a more mature flavor profile.

Tequila CAZADORES Extra Añejo

The most aged of Tequila Cazadores, Extra Añejo is aged in virgin American oak barrels for at least three years, for deep flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, roasted apple and dried fruits. The warmth of Mexico is achieved with the spirit of time. It is demonstrated with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla that stands out between nutty notes.

Espolòn Tequila

Espolón Tequila, one of the fastest-growing tequilas on the market, is an award-winning collection of super-premium tequilas that celebrates real Mexico and highlights its storied culture through classic 19th-century artistry and the iconic roster, a symbol of national pride. Crafted with 100% Weber Blue Agave, these heralded premium tequilas are distilled in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico, and include Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo.

Invivo X, SJP Pinot Noir 2022

Bright garnet red with a vibrant purple hue in the glass. Aromas of dark cherry compote are interwoven with leather and holiday spices. The palate is broad and mouth-filling, with sweet plum and cherry flavors dominating. The finish is creamy with hints of toasty oak while the palate is completed with fine and supple tannins and a fresh acidity.

Lyric 2022 Monterey County Pinot Noir

From Monterey County, Lyric provides a unique melody of flavors and textures to their delicious Pinot Noir. This wine displays notes of strawberry and raspberry along with perfectly balanced acidity. This perfect Fourth of July red wine pairs deliciously with freshly roasted smores while watching the fireworks.

2021 Franciscan Estate California Cabernet Sauvignon

Sourced from some of California’s finest vineyards and available for under $20, the 2021 Franciscan Estate California Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold red wine with a big presence. Aromas of black tea, clove, and anise radiate from the glass, revealing notes of blackberry and black plum. The rich layer of toasted caramel, shaved chocolate, and toasted coconut underscores the fruit characteristics, leading to a long, decadent finish. This Cabernet pairs beautifully with hearty meat, like filet mignon, herb-dusted standing rib roast, and gourmet burgers.

Louis M Martini 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Louis M Martini 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon exemplifies why the winery is known for premier Cabernet Sauvignon crafted from the best selection of grapes. This particular Napa Valley Cab presents a blend of cassis, vanilla, and smoky cedar aromas, layered with notes of black licorice and spice.

It’s an approachable option for a wide variety of palates, and the rich finish and nice structure make it the perfect bottle to pair with an Easter dinner classic, such as a juicy rack of lamb with mint jelly. If you have some veggie-eaters around the table, any rich dish will do, such a stuffed portobello mushroom or a homemade baked mac n cheese.

The Calling — The 2021 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

This new Cabernet, the winery’s first from the region, is the perfect choice to elevate the ambiance of any occasion with its rich and complex aroma and flavors. Whether you’re seeking a wine to complement an intimate dinner or considering it as a gift for a loved one, this new Cabernet is the perfect addition. Co-founded by Jim Nantz, the brand also makes the perfect gift for the sports fans in your life.

Bodegas Montecillo Reserva

Made with the indigenous Tempranillo grape and a small amount of Manzuelo, the Bodegas Montecillo Reserva flourishes with notes of fine oak and smooth velvety tannins,and the nose is rich with aromas of cherry and dark fruit (think blackberries and plums), followed by hints of licorice and vanilla. The wine is aged for 24 months in both French and American Oak with an followed by an additional two years at the winery.

Cloudy Bay Te Wahi

The Story Behind The Label: Te Wahi is Cloudy Bay’s most unique and intricately crafted Pinot Noir, but the depth & importance of the bottle goes beyond just the liquid itself. The name “Te Wahi” means ‘the place’ in te reo Māori, which is the Eastern Polynesian language spoken by the indigenous Māori people of mainland New Zealand. Created from fruit grown at two of Cloudy Bay’s Central Otago vineyards, “The place” is exactly what Te Wahi represents, as it reflects both the importance of terroir and the sense of Cloudy Bay finding its second home in Central Otago.

Cantine Pellegrino — Gazzerotta Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC 2021

Cantine Pellegrino is based in the areas surrounding Trapani, in the western Sicily, and is led by the Pellegrino family, now in its sixth generation. Gazzerotta, in Sicilian dialect, refers to the black and white magpies that fly over the vineyards. Gazzerotta is made from 100% Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s leading red grape. It has an intense, bright red color and a round taste, with a predominance of ripe red fruits, and a hint of sweet spices, namely cinnamon. It pairs well with mushroom risotto, grilled meat, or pasta.

Bread & Butter 2022 Pinot Noir, California

A California Pinot Noir that is fruit-forward, delicious, and smooth. This wine goes well with roasted mushrooms, duck breast and dog-earing another page in your favorite book.


This wine is layered with milk chocolate, fig reduction, dark plum and licorice root. The region’s low rainfall and proximity to the Columbia River yields concentrated fruit with depth, and a refined textural composition and they pair well with citrus-marinated pork sandwiches, and beef and pork meatballs in a chipotle sauce.

14 Hands 2021 Merlot

This round, structured Merlot is packed with rich flavors and aromas of blackberry, plum, cherry and mocha. With Columbia Valley’s unique and ideal conditions creating grapes with rich flavors and crisp acidity, this wine pairs well with grilled tri-tip and BBQ ribs.

Hahn Family Wines’ 2022 California Cabernet Sauvignon

Hahn Family Wines’ 2022 California Cabernet Sauvignon is an expression of dark and bold flavors that showcase grace and complexity, perfect for making Dad feel special on his day. Aromas of dark cherry and blackberry are enhanced by hints of vanilla, leather, and toasted oak. Bursting with rich and robust tannins, each sip is framed with flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and ripe red fruit, all coming together to create a smooth and opulent finish. Great on its own or paired with a sauteed steak, or grilled ribs.

Cooper & Thief — Red Wine Blend

Aged three months in bourbon barrels and offers a swirl of warm toasty vanilla notes, with dark fruit and a gentle hint of classic bourbon spice. Blackberry and jammy dark currants lead to a rich finish, with the elegance of a fine sipping bourbon.

Stemmari Nero D’Avola

Nero d’Avola is a signature Sicilian varietal, known for its deep ruby-red color and soft, velvety flavor with distinct fruity characteristics. Celebrate sustainably with Stemmari Nero D’Avola. All Stemmari wines are sustainably farmed, hand-harvested, and estate-bottled, making them an excellent choice for the eco conscious dad. This rich and velvety wine is perfect for pairing with hearty dishes or simply enjoying on its own.

Böen California Pinot Noir 2022

Böen, with its ripe fruit flavors, bright acidity, and hints of toasty oak, is the purest expression winemaker Joe Wagner’s signature style. For the dads who appreciate the outdoors, the California Pinot Noir is the perfect camping wine with red and black fruit flavors framed with subtle oak notes.

Josh Cellars Reserve North Coast Collection

Sourced from outstanding vineyards, the collection features Josh Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Force & Grace Revelist Cabernet Sauvignon

A pinnacle of craftsmanship sourced mainly from renowned Oakville and Rutherford appellations; a cellar-worthy beauty with the depth of flavor, complexity of character, and distinctly polished.

Volpolo Bolgheri DOC 2022

Volpolo Bolgheri DOC 2022, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon ), Merlot, and Petit Verdot crafted by Sapaio in Castagneto Carducci, in the unique terroir of Bolgheri, Tuscany. With a crown adorning the label — created by designer Aldo Segat and inspired by the three-point crown of African-American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Volpolo is an outstanding choice to celebrate the queen and king of the family!

Its intense ruby color and captivating aromas of violet, iris root, dark cherry, and cedar, are complemented by well-integrated tannins, a velvety texture and a refreshing acidity. Volpolo offers complex flavors and versatile pairing options: enjoy it with barbecued or spicy meats like lamb and game, as well as pasta dishes.

Tenuta Regaleali, Lamùri Sicilia DOC 2019

Tenuta Regaleali, Lamùri Sicilia DOC 2019, crafted with Nero d’Avola grapes by Tasca D’Almerita in the highlands of the Regaleali estate in Sicily. The name Lamùri embodies Tasca’s deep love for their land — Lamùri translates to ‘love’ in the Sicilian dialect — much akin to the love and gratitude we extend to all mothers and fathers on their special day. With its signature aromas of juicy plums and cherries, intertwined by sultry notes of sweet spices and Mediterranean herbs like thyme and oregano leaves, Lamuri shows an incredible drinkability and versatility for a variety of food pairings.

Famiglia Pasqua Valpolicella DOC Ripasso Superiore 2020

Famiglia Pasqua Valpolicella DOC Ripasso Superiore 2020, from Veneto’s Valpolicella area, is a blend of native grapes Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone and Negrara crafted by Pasqua Wines using the traditional Ripasso method. This technique enriches the wine’s structure and aromas, resulting in a crimson-red hue with aromas of red fruits and toasted nuances, rendering it an appealing option

2019 Ratti Marcenasco

The 2019 Ratti Marcenasco is a full, elegant wine with notes of licorice and tobacco. This Barolo is the perfect gift for a wine lover in your life that prefers a noble, long finish. Strong and well-integrated, this Barolo pairs well with fattier meats, like a roast beef, and ripe cheeses.

2020 Allegrini Palazzo della Torre

2020 Allegrini Palazzo della Torre (SRP $25) is a famous ruby red blend that contains beautiful notes of vanilla, black pepper, and cloves. Grown in the Valpolicella region, this red wine has an underlying freshness that exudes a poised and elegant finish. On the palate, the velvety flavors make this an easy to drink wine that would pair nicely with steak sirloin and garlic mashed potatoes.

2021 Argiano ‘NC’

2021 Argiano ‘NC’ (SRP $25) gives a mouthful of savory flavors and notes of black currant and black cherry that compliments the medium tannins. From the producer that made Wine Spectator’s 2023 #1 Wine of the Year, this baby Tuscan is rich in aromas and made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese grapes. A fresh and versatile option to pair wonderfully with a pasta carbonara.

2021 Brancaia Il Tre

2021 Brancaia Il Tre (SRP $25) makes for the perfect entry-level wine offering drinking pleasures to those who want to open right away or who prefer to let it age a little longer. This blend has creamy, mellow tannins with aromas of mulberries that would taste great with grilled fish.

Archery Summit 2021 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is an award-winning wine, for an award-winning partner! The Archery Summit Dundee Hills Pinot Noir was named among one of the best wines in the world at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2023, offering notes of brambleberry, ripe rainier cherry, blackberry blossoms, cocoa powder, and spice on the nose. The palate is just as lively, with fresh, juicy red fruit backed by graceful tannins and acid. Pairing perfectly with special occasion delicacies such as filet mignon, this is the perfect date night wine.

Force & Grace Paso Robles Cabernet

A dense and textured wine with concentrated ripe berries and velvety tannins. Pairs beautifully with robust, tomato-based sauces and risottos.

Force & Grace Napa Valley Cabernet

A bright and silky wine that evolves as it lingers on the palate. Pairs beautifully with veal, strong cheeses, dark chocolate tarts, and stuffed olives.

Seghesio Family Vineyards 2022 Sonoma Zinfandel

Since 1895, Seghesio has etched its love story into the heart of Sonoma’s winemaking legacy — now one of the oldest winemaking names in Sonoma pioneering the highest quality Zinfandel.

Crafted from an average selection of more than 150 individual lots that are harvested from vineyards across Sonoma County, fermented separately and masterfully blended, the 2022 Sonoma Zinfandel boasts a rich bouquet of blackberry, black currant, plum, cherry and baking spice aromas.

Perfectly balanced, it complements indulgent dishes like short ribs, pork belly, or gnocchi gorgonzola.

2019 Poggio al Tesoro Sondraia

This flagship 2019 Poggio al Tesoro Sondraia is an amazing addition to any luxury wine collection. This is a new kind of Super Tuscan, expressing the richness of an extraordinary territory, combining tension, complexity and great finesse. Aromas of black fruit balanced with cocoa provide a complexity of flavors for your palate.

Castiglioni Chianti DOCG

A classic Italian red like Chianti, with its moderate acidity, cherry flavors, and hints of spices pairs nicely with the savory and wine-infused qualities of this cheese.

Belle Glos Glasir Holt Pinot Noir

Known for its iconic red wax top, Belle Glos has released the first pinot noir from their Glasir Holt vineyard. The wine lover in your life will love the alluring dark fruit aromas and hints of raspberry tart, toasted oak, and cherry cola that create a harmonious and satisfying wine experience.

Elouan Pinot Noir

This wine opens up with aromas of bright cherry, plum pie, cocoa nibs, and hints of baking spice. You’ll taste rich and well-balanced notes of raspberry jam, candied cranberry, wild bramble, and a lingering pepper finish on the palate. With incredible depth and concentration, this smooth, medium-finish pinot noir pairs perfectly with your favorite comfort foods — french onion soup, warm baguette slices, fresh pizza, or a well-curated charcuterie board.

Napa Valley Quilt Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

As you pour this elegant wine into your glass, you will notice its beautiful dark ruby-red color. The tasting notes include baking spice aromas of cinnamon and clove that are intertwined with dark stone fruits, blackberry pie, vanilla, white pepper, and notes of oak and rose. A full-bodied palate presents layers of dark black cherry, coffee, blackberry, dark currant, and notes of milky chocolate. Classy and sophisticated, this refined wine is a sensational expression of what a Napa Valley Cabernet represents and is the perfect wine to enjoy.

JUSTIN 2022 Russian River Pinot Noir

The 2022 JUSTIN Russian River Pinot Noir showcases a deep ruby hue with complex aromas of ripe black cherry, strawberry jam, and savory spice. On the palate are ripe black plum and dark cherry flavors, balanced by bright cranberry notes, well-integrated tannins, and subtle barrel spice.

Etude 2022 Carneros Pinot Gris

For a delicious, patriotic white wine, Etude Winery’s Pinot Gris is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Etude Winery may be known for their Pinot Noir, but this superb Pinot Gris flavorful and offers fruit forward aromas. On the palate, this fresh white shows flavors of white peach, lychee and Meyer lemon. This light option is food friendly so your readers can pair it with a grilled chicken sandwich.

Cloudy Bay 2023 Sauvignon Blanc

The 2023 Sauvignon Blanc has an enticing nose, with appealing aromas of ripe honeydew melon, passionfruit, vibrant citrus and a subtle touch of fresh blackcurrant leaf. The palate is concentrated and elegant, with hints of fresh sea air balancing out the warmth of the ripe fruit notes at the wine’s core. Subtle tropical fruit characters are underpinned by freshening notes of makrut lime, lemongrass, Meyer lemon and a touch of grapefruit skin.

Napa Valley Quilt Chardonnay 2022

A tribute to the character of Napa Valley, Quilt exemplifies classic and decadent wines from the region. Bright, medium-bodied, and rich with smooth and generous layers, this Chardonnay is perfect for celebrating the dad who opts for a warm-weather white wine.

2022 Franciscan Estate Chardonnay

As a white alternative, the 2022 Franciscan Estate Chardonnay offers a bright sip to freshen up the sunny days ahead. With delicate aromas of white flower and lemon zest, this wine provides a crisp kick to your summer palate. Each sip is filled with layers of peach and honey, pulling through with a clean finish and pairing flawlessly with a warm roasted chicken.

Stags’ Leap Winery

Stags’ Leap Winery’s 2022 Sauvignon Blanc is bright, crisp, and refreshing with aromatic notes of white peach, lemon verbena, lime peel and white elderflower floral blossom on the nose.

The palate is rich, creamy, and round with notes of Meyer lemon, green apple, lime pith, cassis bud and lychee. There is a zippy, racing acidity throughout, creating a mouthwatering texture and lively backbone that carries all the way through to the lip-smacking, crisp, finish.

MezzacoronaPinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC 2021

Give your dad a taste of the Dolomite springs with Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio. This wine boasts a fine bouquet, fragrant and fresh with delightful notes of chamomile, pear, and jasmine. Its delicately complex flavor finishes with a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s the perfect accompaniment for hors d’oeuvres at your first summer soirée.

Ventessa Pinot Grigio

If your dad is watching his calorie intake but still loves a good glass of wine, Ventessa Pinot Grigio is the perfect choice, with only 90 calories and a low abv of 9%.[VB4] With an aromatic profile featuring flowers and fruits like lily of the valley, broom flowers, melon, and white peach, this Pinot Grigio is light yet flavorful. Ideal for a summer cookout, it pairs wonderfully with delicate finger foods, shellfish, medium mature cheeses, and both baked and fried fish dishes.

William Hill Estate Winery’s 2022 California Sauvignon Blanc

William Hill Estate Winery’s 2022 California Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and bright, opening with generous aromas of green apple, tropical fruit, and citrus. This Sauvignon Blanc is unoaked, giving this wine that vibrant, fruit-driven taste profile.

Corvo Grillo Sicilia DOC 2023

Boasting light citrus blossom aromas with notes of white peach and grapefruit, it leaves the palate with refreshing acidity. When food pairing, keep it light. The crisp acidity and aromas are enhanced by light dishes such as seafood, salad, and white sauces.

Tenute Navarra Sofien Terre Siciliane IGP 2023

Sofien represents Tenute Navarra’s inaugural venture into crafting white wine, blending Grillo and Chardonnay grapes. This fusion results in an exceptional wine boasting a delightful floral aroma, evoking the essence of exotic, ripe fruits like pears, peaches, and even pineapple. Its palate offers a velvety texture, complemented by a notable mineral undertone

Mar de Frades Albariño

A bright, pale lemon colored wine, with enticing flashes of lime. The nose is aromatic, fresh and intense, with tropical fruit (mango, passion fruit and even some grapefruit), wild flowers and notes of eucalyptus and mint that present throughout. On the palate, it is fluid and refreshing, at the same time smooth and flavorsome, a wine that shines for its saline and mineral character.

Ramón Bilbao Verdejo

Pale yellow with greenish hue in color, this is a bright wine of medium intensity. On the nose, fruity and floral aromas with notes of grapefruit, orange blossom. and freshly cut grass. Fresh on the palate, this wine boasts a balanced body and acidity, with an intense aftertaste. Fresh fruit with herbal and floral notes dance in harmony, reappearing in retronasal.

Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc

Using proprietary techniques, the Osmosis Sauvignon Blanc has a low-ABV of 9% and 85 calories per 5 oz. serving. The wine is fresh and crisp with notes of grapefruit, citrus and passion fruit. This Sauvignon Blanc is naturally dry, with a hint of sweetness from pineapple flavors of the latest harvest and creaminess from the lees-aging process.

Stemmari — Grillo Sicilia DOC 2022

Stemmari cultivates its vineyards along the southern coast of Sicily, on the two estates of Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento) and Acate (Ragusa). Stemmari Grillo is 100% Grillo, a native variety of Sicily and the most important among the white grapes. With its deep straw yellow color, it exudes aromas of tropical fruit such as mango and papaya mixed with hints of jasmine and white flowers. Stemmari Grillo is balanced and harmonious, and with its rich flavors, it goes well with seafood, first courses with vegetables, white meat, and baked fish.

Josh Cellars’ Seaswept

In time for the warmer weather, and created for high-energy hangs, Josh Cellars Seaswept is an easy-drinking beverage option that is perfect for keeping the good times going all day long.

Charles Krug — 2023 Sauvignon Blanc

A light-to-medium-bodied wine boasting vibrant aromas of lemon blossom, passionfruit, and lemongrass. The palate promises a delightful blend of sweetness and crispness, featuring notes of pink grapefruit and guava. With its elegantly layered profile and lingering finish, this Sauvignon Blanc is a testament to the exceptional terroir of Charles Krug’s estate-owned vineyards in Napa Valley and the artistry of its winemakers, offering a taste of pure California sunshine in every glass.

Trapiche Medalla Chardonnay

A very fruity Chardonnay that offers tropical fruits on the nose with subtle spicy notes, honeysuckle, and brioche. On the palate, it shows crisp acidity, balanced with a full body, bright fruit flavors, and a distinct minerality.

Chateau Ste. Michelle 2022 Indian Wells Riesling

Light sweetness balanced by bright flavors of stone fruit and crisp citrus create a refreshingly elegant Riesling crafted from top Yakima Valley vineyards showcasing the signature fruit-forward style.

Liquid Light Pinot Grigio

Liquid Light Pinot Grigio projects a vibrant spectrum of orchard fruit, floral, and citrus fruit flavors with a flash of acidity typical of Washington State’s cool climate.

Eleven Eleven 2021 Dutton Ranch Chardonnay

This elegant and versatile Chardonnay is crafted to elevate your wine experience to new heights. Golden hues dance in the glass it fills, reflecting the essence of its Russian River Valley origin. On the nose, aromas of juicy pineapple, ripe peach, and subtle hints of vanilla and toasted oak are prevelant, which are also expressed on the palate. The true beauty of this wine lies in its impeccable balance. The vibrant acidity adds a refreshing twist, while the gentle oak influence brings depth and complexity. A suited companion for any occasion and with a plethora of dishes, including seafood, poultry, or creamy pasta dishes.

Dutcher’s 2022 Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County

White peaches, guava, honeydew melon, key lime, and hints of lemongrass, jasmine and jalapeno all give you a fresh, herbaceous, and green feeling when you first delve into a glass of the 2022 Dutcher Crossing Sauvignon Blanc.

This year we fermented some of the wine in a new oak Ovomun, a special wood vessel that keeps the fine lees in constant motion, adding richness and depth to the wine. The results of this are obvious with your first sip. There are loads of texture and an unctuous coating of your palate, along with flavors of fresh squeezed lemons and limes, lime zest, wet stone, and a refreshing, mouthwatering finish that seems that lingers on the pallet.

Beringer Vineyards 2021 Private Reserve Chardonnay

Beringer Vineyards 2021 Private Reserve Chardonnay is a rich and creamy, classically Californian Chardonnay, with notes of citrus blossom and jasmine. This incredible vino’s well-integrated oak shows aromas of brioche, vanilla, and ginger spice, so it stands up well with heartier flavors. This Chardonnay pairs well with a green bean casserole or, everyone’s favorite side, a creamy mashed potato.

Minuty Prestige Rosé

Minuty Prestige Rosé is crisp & clean, pairing perfectly with bright sunny days spent at the beach, lounging at the pool, or cheersing with friends.

Minuty M Rosé

Crafted for those delightful moments of everyday enjoyment, introducing Minuty M Rosé. MINUTY M is pure Provence in a bottle, with a light and refreshing taste that will transport you to the South of France with every sip.

Amante 1530

Crafted at the historic Il Palagio 1530 estate in Tuscany, Amante 1530 offers a new take on the classic Italian bitter. It features a delightful blend of Italian citrus, ginger and honeysuckle, creating a complex bittersweet taste that will make Dad feel like he’s been transported straight to Italy!


Cointreau is the iconic orange liqueur at the heart of more than 500 of the world’s most celebrated cocktails, including The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan, and The Sidecar. The House of Cointreau was founded in 1849 in Angers, France, where Edouard Cointreau perfected the recipe. Blended with sweet and bitter orange peels, Cointreau has a unique, balanced flavor beloved by mixologists and bartenders worldwide.

Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre

A tribute to our founder, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, who disrupted the status quo of cognac by combining it with bitter orange liqueur. An exceptional Cuvée with VSOP cognac, rich in character and complexity, containing 40% ABV (82% cognac and 18% orange liqueur).


Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif and the defining ingredient of classic cocktails like the Negroni. With its vibrant red color, intense aroma and inspiring flavor, Campari has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure. Its versatility takes you on a journey into a captivating and sophisticated drinking experience. These values have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.

Long Drink Peach

Summer wouldn’t be the same without Long Drink Peach. With a crisp, lightly sweet, natural peach flavor, Long Drink Peach gives you a juicy way to capture the season any time of year. Grab a pack before your next outing, but don’t be surprised if your friends drink them all before you do.

Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers

Dad will love the refreshingly light and uniquely crisp new varietals of Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers including Orange Crush, Peach Crush, Blueberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. Perfect for sipping all summer long and enjoying in the sunshine, this variety 12-pack is available nationwide for $15.99.



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